Where to find a Roor?

Discussion in 'General' started by Numbers, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Do they sell these anywhere besides headshops? I have only found websites that are outside of the country and will only sell to businesses, not consumers.. I'm either lookin for a Roor or a Blue dot.. Who has some advice!? I'm really just lookin for a bong with a perc or two! Probably about a medium size... What are some suggestions and how much is this going to cost me??
    I am in LOVE with the bong in this video.. anyone know how much something like that would cost? ( all i know is that it is a PHX Trinity water pipe)
    (and i did use the search button, but nothing really specifically answered this question...)

  2. I tried it.. The catalog and prices didnt download in English.. the page i was on was in English, and i even clicked English.. Do they ship to individual consumers or do you have to have them ordered through a headshop?? What are their price ranges?

    -Eric :bongin:
  3. im sure if you talked to a headshop they would order one for you

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