Where to buy Sovereignty glass/peyote pillar?

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  1. I am in the mood to shop for a new bong, and I know *** online sells them but they appear to have any Sovereignty bongs at all for sale right now, and if there was a peyote pillar I doubt it would even have time to make it online for everyone to buy. Is there somewhere else I can buy it, maybe a guaranteed good used one? Or is this a California only luxury for those who can check the shops everyday?

    Any help would be appreciated. :smoke:
  2. Boro Market
  3. ^ this is your best bet for sure
  4. If I'm not mistaken almost every SG order A L T has received recently has included a couple Pillars.

  5. Yeah, but they sell out in like 5 minutes. I have yet to see one pop up that was not already out of stock.
  6. They don't seem to ever go online :(

    And thanks for showing me Boro market, I'll definitely have to watch that.
  7. call nvs glassworks, they carry SG/ peyo-pillars and they ship.

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