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Where to buy pollen?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by cripes0103, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Hey guys, I'm in California and I was wondering if there are any dispensaries that sell pollen. I want to grow from clones this August and maybe selectively pollinate a bit so I can start breeding and preserve my genetics.

    EDIT: I found a dispensary in the SFV area (Progressive Options) that works with a clone ordering service that carries OGK and Grape Ape BX1 males, looks like I'll be making some ________ x Grape Ape seeds this coming grow, just need to figure out what I'm going to be crossing the ape with.
  2. You'd probably be better off popping your own bagseeds (you're bound to end up with some males) and getting some growing experience with males and females before you delve into full-on breeding. You can grow the males until they grow nutsacks, then chop those off and pop them into a tupperware container or other storage device, and then you don't have to worry about it going anywhere.
    As far as buying pollen goes, I have no further information for you.
  3. I appreciate the response but this isn't my first grow, so I wouldn't want to use bagseed. I would not want to water down the strain I choose to grow out with bagseed genetics.
  4. I have never heard of a dispensary selling pollen but i'm sure if you asked at a few you would find one that would work something out even if it wasn't on the menu.
  5. Hmm, maybe I'll give that a try. I wonder if some of the clone only dispensaries would be willing to help me get some?

  6. yeah,the best you can do is ask,or get a clone and FORCE it to be a male :confused_2:

  7. Are there any other better ways to force herm a plant, other than with screwed up lighting or chemicals? I'd like to do it in a way that will not affect the whole plant, or the plants growing around it, if thats possible.
  8. I've heard stories (no facts, just word of mouth, sorry) about leaving plants in bloom indefinitely. Sometimes they die, sometimes they go into rejuvenation, and sometimes they hermie. I've seen the first two, never seen it pop 'nanas.

    Other than that, stress in general can cause it to pop, heavy cropping, water stresses. Also depends on it's genetic likelihood of flippin. Some just go easier than others.

    A lot of dispensaries are scared of "pollen spies" working for the competition. Releasing pollen in a dispensary is an expensive move. I doubt you'll find one with it available.
  9. Nobody I know of sells pollen. It's very perishable and hard to handle.

    Breeders breed their own fatherstocks for their efforts.
  10. You can pick up seeds in a dispensary.. maybe find the closest strain available and grow those. You might end up with a male.
  11. I really appreciate all the responses guys. If I'm not mistaken, I may have seen a dispensary selling male cuttings, so I just need to figure out who it was so I can pick one up and preserve all of my beautiful genetics (and maybe start my own breeding project?)
  12. One of the 3 local dispensaries around here had some pollen for $10 (I think- wasn't in the market for it, so didn't really mark the price), but it was not being kept chilled and outside temperature were in the 90s!


  13. After hearing that, I don't know if I want to be buying pollen from a dispensary! Haha, I guess I'll just buy myself a male clone, or wait til next grow when I have more time to go from seed and select some good parents.

  14. And when this happens, its feminized pollen :hello:
    It just happens cause the plant think it missed all its chances to get pollen so it creates bananas in hope that it can save itself. It happens like 1-2 weeks after its ready for harvest
  15. So if I harvested 95% of the buds and left some popcorn at the bottom and just kept it under 12/12, would there be a good chance of it going herm and producing seeds, or would chopping all that off cause things to work differently?
  16. I have never seen pollen in a dispensary or club either.

    Wondering if you wouldn't have more luck in one of the growing forums?

    I can now move this thread if you like!

  17. hmm i dont think so but i could be wrong

    what you get is the pollen sacks with feminized pollen - keep it in a film container or something in the fridge i think it stays fresh up to like 3 months which is enough time for your next crop to be pollinated. Just take a paintbrush and brush it on the flowers u want to have seeds in.
  18. I've always wanted to make my own strains...crossing 4 purple strains...I'd cross Purple Kush with grape Ape, or Durban Poison with grape ape.
  19. I've never heard of feminized pollen before. Seeds, yes, chemically treated to give high chance of a female...but pollen?

    What's your source on that? I'd be interested in the research behind it. I don't want to sound condescending, and I don't think you're wrong, but I've never heard of that before.

    Leaving the underbuds might work, however chopping down half the plant will stress it out a lot, may not survive, and certainly won't survive for a long time. Once the foliage is gone, there's nothing supporting the roots and they will die and rot in the pot. If you could trim back the rootball at the same time you harvest, it might be more of a sure shot, but that's all speculation.

    You might also try harvesting over a week's time, giving the plant a chance to start using it's underbrush instead of the canopy to stay alive...less of a chance of just killing the plant outright.
  20. My brother told me a long time ago and like a month ago I actually learned what it was called: Rodelization.

    I google searched a random page..

    Actually check out my first grow in my sig. You'll see some of these bananas cause I accidentally let it grow too long (dont have hand microscope for trichomes)

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