Where to buy Neem Cake Online?

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  1. Hello Organic Farmers!!:wave:

    I tried on ebay, not much luck. There is Neem seed oil but not the cake. Anyone knows a good source?

    I'm kind of a newbie in this thread, but I've read soooo much that it feels I've been here since LD started explaining stuff.
  2. Neemresource.com best quality neem/karanja products you can get I wouldn't ever get mine elsewhere now that I've tried actual quality neem

  3. Thanks Guys, you've been extremely helpful
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    Its also great to toss some neem cake into a gallon of water and let it sit over night, than use that to water in. Spray some on the plant early in the morning than wash it off the next day. I've learned to love the smell of neem cake, unless its brewed into a tea than...smells like straight up sewer.

    Also, after a hard day of working with your hands if you brew this into a tea and get it on your hands, if you have Calluses on your palms they go away over night!
  5. From what I've read there is no need to brew that, basiclly just mix in the soil and spray it twice a week. I don't have bug issue in my room though.

    And in the morning you mean, lights on?
  6. I grow outdoors, You should use foliar sprays in the mornings whenever the stomata are open. I do it anywhere from 5am to 9am which is when they are open. I only did it during veg, but will do it occasionally now whenever theres an increase in bugs on my plants.
  7. I grow indoor
  8. so it says that they dont ship to my state/country? confused lol any other good links?
  9. That's who I just bought it from^^^

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