Where to buy bongs?

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  1. A $20 Casio watch can tell the same time as a $100 citizen watch, but I'd rather have the citizen watch.
  2. Because of the noticeable quality improvements most likely.
  3. My mobius is noticeably nicer than a $30 bong
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  4. Have you actually even purchased and used a mobius clone? I know for a fact people who've owned both have said they're basically the exact same. Why wouldn't it be? It's glass. You copy the design and make it. It's not moving parts that are actually complicated like a watch.

    Where is an extra 270$ going to a real mobius vs a fake one? They're both durable, they both make smoking smooth, the percs are the same, everything about them is literally the same. The only real difference being one is ripping off a company that rips off people who literally can't give a single objective benefit to them.

    I mean go ahead and keep believing your piece of glass is superior because some meth head in Seattle made it rather than the Chinese. And charged 10x as much.
  5. Yes, video shops at the Asian district sells all kinds of fakes.
    Maybe I've been smoking glass for over 20 years, I can just tell.
    Feel the glass, look at the joints, feel the weight. Theyre not the same.

    But if they're the same to someone else, then who cares? Spend $30.

    Whatever makes them happy.
  6. Of course it is. I have some cheap chinese glass and you can the difference right away. Cheap Chinese clones aren't going to come close and they are not made with the same attention to detail as in America.

    Here is an article from an American Glass company that explains the difference between American and Chinese made and also talks about how some companies like to hide where there glass is made and why....

    Made in USA vs Import - Chameleon Glass
  7. Maybe your problem is your buying your glass from Meth heads.
  8. I will say, the cheap Chinese clones are getting better, who knows, maybe in a decade they will be better in quality.

    For now, I bought an American bong, that I love, and lasted me a long time.

    Also, I've done water tests on clones, the video shop is cool and will put water in the bong for you to try.
    The percolating is not nearly the same, also when you pull the slide, mine is instant, no water in your mouth.
  9. They may look the same to you or your friends or to the untrained eye but they are not. Read the link below,

    Made in USA vs Import - Chameleon Glass
  10. Nah, like I said the people charging 10x what their bongs are worth in the US are the junkies. Guess we all gotta make a living though.
  11. lol a propaganda piece from a company that directly benefits from selling glass from American blowers. Very unbiased. Anyone can claim whatever they want. The proof is in the pudding though. I'm sorry that some people don't understand the concept of diminishing returns at all, and/or you have delusions of grandeur about the actual difference in quality.
  12. Ok keep buying Chinese crap. Delusions of grandeur? Really?. You sure you used that correctly? Come on now. Keep supporting Communist China over America. Maybe you're just too young to realize or care where your money goes at this point in your life. Maybe when you get older and wiser you'll change your mind. I'm just gonna agree to disagree with you at this point. No point in taking this any further as I didn't join to fight and I'm a lover not a fighter.
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    No, not sure since I'm pretty fucked up. Pretty sure I don't give a shit though. "Supporting communist China by buying bongs at a reasonable price rather than a total rip off for the same quality". Oh man I wish there was a way I could count every single thing you own made in China lmao. You wannabe patriots are comedy gold. Yeah support some local assclown ripping you off on a bong. USA! USA! Great job Captain America, the economy is saved. Fucking hell.

    Older and wiser for buying an overpriced bong. Yep. Ya got me.

    Edit: There we go. Disagree the post rather than make a legitimate point. After talking about how you're "wiser" and saving America with your bong purchasing decisions I didn't think you could look more defensive. I think u secretly know I'm right.
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  14. Buy a bong anywhere you wish ,, from anyone you want .. Its America brother .
    Hundreds , to thousands of people and business to buy a bong from ..
    Old school rule is you get what pay for ,,but with glass even the best gets broke sometimes .
    Best of luck finding the right smoking accessories ..:love-m3j:
  15. I agree just I prefer US made. That one guy just went nucking futz over my opinion.
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  16. Ya kind of insane to argue over a bong ,,, we all are fellow stoners and should be looking out for each other as friends .
    I think some of the bongs you posted and other members posted look really nice .
    I hope the OP finds what he is looking for.
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  17. I get bongs, bubblers and glass pipes from Everything For 420
  18. Go fuck yourself with a rusty machete, how many more times nobody is going to fall for your bullshit scam lol. Reported again.
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