where should i place my exhuast fan in custom built cabinet?

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  1. hi guys, i have my custom built growe cabinet complete now with the light fixture and mylar like walls, and im waiting for my fan to come in the mail..

    were in my box should i have my exhaust fan, im running 4 150 W cfls in there right now..

    so should i have my exhaust fan on the left or right side wall, or on the back wall which is were my reciprical will be wired and attached.
    and should i have an inlet whole or something to?

  2. A pic would be nice..!
    But as you say next to the inlet hole would be ideal, most the time top right or top left of the unit, if neither is acceptable then put it top center

  3. You should have an inlet fan sucking fresh air into your room from outside. You should always put your exhaust fan at the top of the room because heat rises to top of room..installed preferably in the opposite corner of your inlet fan.
  4. I'm in agreement with growsensmokes this has worked for me in any cab, room etc... and air circulation is of the utmost importance!!!
  5. Keep your intake near the bottom of the cabinet, and the exhaust at the top opposite the intakes. You definitely want to keep the exhaust fan at the top to move the warmer air out of the cabinet. Even though they don't generate as much heat as other kinds of lamps, CFL's do crank out more heat than you'd think, and you'll need to keep that from damaging your plants.

    Whether you use an intake fan or just passive intake (i.e. cut a hole) is up to you, and would depend on the size of your cabinet and power of the exhaust fan. If the exhaust fan is going to move more than enough air through the cabinet to circulate it completely every couple minutes (check the CFM of the fan against the interior area of the cabinet), you can probably get away with passive intakes, without the need for an intake fan. If you use a carbon filter with the fan, its CFM rating will drop significantly. Keep that in mind when you decide whether to use the passive intake or intake fan.

    I agree w/ Vostok above - pics would be nice!

  6. im about to post them now:D

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