where r my manners!>>????!??!>?!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Digit, Jul 2, 2002.



  1. . . . . . . huh?

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  2. wha? . . . . . . . huh?

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  1. Hi to newbies!

    sorry. i thought i used to be pretty good at popping into the introduce yourself section to say high to all the newcomers... but this latest spree has all been about campaigning against nubbins freekish avatar and buzzing around all my favourite zones here in Grasscity.

    well this is just my appology hi, and is aimed at everyone i've not said hi to yet... i'll get round to reading as many introducitons as possable tmro.

    ps- go tell nubbin to change his avatar! teehee.

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