Where is the weirdest place you have passed out?

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  1. Last summer i woke up in a closet at 2 and didnt know how i got there or even where i was. Another time i was just really stoned and for somereason walked out to my truck and got inside it, this was at about 1:30; i woke up at 3 sitting upright in the seat.

    nothing too crazy but im sure yall have some good ones
  2. i passed out on some guys lawn, like five houses down the street from my high school. i had alcohol poisoning so the police officer who responded called an ambulance, and it showed up just as everyone was leaving a soccer game at the school. it was mid-october, and someone had put a blanket on me, but i had pulled it over my head. needless to say, there were some crazy rumors when i went to school a week later.
  3. My weirdest is when I woke up lying under my friend's parents bed after a high school party.

  4. haha oh man I hate those mornings
    you wake up and you're like
    uhhh what that fuck?
  5. inside a big meat freezer. when I was a kid, I would sleep in it. to prove how tough I was. I never really got that cold though.
    also, waking up in bed next to my (now) ex girlfriend is something I never thought would happen.
  6. In bed next to your mum.
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    Couple years ago when i was a junior, me and 3 other ppl would usually smoke every friday after school at our friends house(its like a 15min walk). This was in june and 2 weeks before school got out. His parents went out of town for soemthing. so we had a sleepover there and had 12g split between 4 ppl and the next day i woke up under a wheel-barrow in his shed. everyone else was in his backyard on the lawn.
  8. i went out to the clubs and don't remember shit and woke up in the bed of my friends truck one time.

    i know there's more i just can't think of shit right now.
  9. Once after drinking about 2 water bottles of JD and some Wild turkey to me and my friend i cant remember but we were down at the basketball court and we went back to his house and i remember me hugging the garbage can and passsing out in his closet.

    Another time probly not so smart me and 2 of my friends were at one of there houses and i decide hey lets get wasted so i get a 2 litre bottle of sunkist out was just about empty nothing in it really but i start filling it with whatever i could find smirnoff JD whatever filled it to about the top and we start walking down the street just sucking it down and we eventually got down to this field were theres basketball courts and we passed out in the field for about 2-3 hours cant believe no one said anything. Also my one friend which is jewish began acting like hitler and me and my other friend were hiding in like holes saying we were in concetration camps weird weird times. :confused:
  10. Two years ago I actually passed out ON the stairs in my apartment complex. Apparently I was too fucked up or lazy to actually take the 5 extra steps to get inside my place. I still have no idea if the neighbors saw me or not.
  11. Weirdest place ive passed out, was in a closet at my friends house, I thought it was a bedroom....

    Weirdest place ive woke up, in a police station, or in the hospital. lol
  12. closet while the party was still goin on, apparently i got up in the middle of my passing out and hooked sum girl who was a good friend by the way (which i felt like shit 4 but she said it didnt hurt n was cool)
    n she went to tell her boyfriend (my friend) n he just laughed n high fived me

    bad but fun drunk times

    (by the way i have no idea if this is true or not to this da)
  13. in a corn field for me

    but the weirdest place ive ever heard of anybody waking up in is my cousin Rob.

    i went to his house for the first time since he had moved in and i noticed that there were stop signs, street signs and other road signs everywhere. i asked him why and he said that one night he went to a party and got absolutely demolished, shrooms, weed, alchohol. Anyway, he woke up the next morning in his room and there was a perfect stack of various street signs. The weirdest part is, he told me that there were no signs whatsoever that were missing from his town

  14. Hahahhahaha thats great, reminds me of Weeds when silas steals all the "drug free zone" signs and security cameras
  15. This is by far the weirdest and most awesome thing I'd ever done.

    So it was the fourth of July a while back, and what better way to celebrate your country's independence by getting hammered and blazed on the beach with your friends and a ton of other people right?

    Well over the course of the night, I completely blacked out. However, I didn't blackout in the sense that I fell down and forgot what transpired. Instead, my memory just turned itself off, and the cool me was on autopilot. I was having a great time, I've seen many, many a picture and video of what transpired at this party and a ton of feedback from these people I didn't even know.

    There was an awesome bonfire on the beach, a huge street crowd, everything was great. (too bad I don't remember it) but anyway, after the several hours that I was out, I realized that my wallet was no where to be found. Normally, I would have panicked and searched high and low, because it's a serious inconvenience to have your ID, credit cards and whatnot replaced.

    But apparently cool me was still manning the ship, I cross the street over to the beach, thrust my arm deeeep into the sand, and out I pull my black duct-tape wallet. I look at it like I'm the coolest mother fucker since the Fonz, but at the same time I'm like: "how the fuck did I do that?"

    Then I said: "who want's breakfast!?" If it were a movie the credits would've started rolling with how pimp I felt.
  16. hahaahahaahah, now that is funny :D
  17. gotta be the coolest thing i've ever heard
  18. about a month ago i woke up 50 km out of town in the backseat of a civic. no keys, lol. anyways, its like 6 in the morning, i had no phone, so i go into this random cafe and i'm like where am i? they tell me i'm in leduc. (it`s far away). So i phoned my cousin and he gives me a ride back to edmonton. Yeah, the civic had no keys, lol thats the first thing i checked for. XD Lol I just woke up and i'm like: how many times do i have to do this to myself?
  19. After a party at my house, I woke up the next morning in a tree about a mile from my house.

    I shit you not.
  20. i need me some of these stories.

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