Where is the best place to toke?

Discussion in 'General' started by teg21, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. I was just wondering where you guys toke and where is the best place to smoke.
  2. In the middle of the woods. Listening to "come to daddy" by aphex twin (?!?!?!?!?!?!). Freaking out cos all the wind just came up and this music was really fucking weird and we all just sat there freaking out.
  3. im with woody home sweet home.

    home is where the bong rests. =)

  4. id have to agree and say home is where the bongs rests

  5. But when you cant smoke in the house a lot due to parents, where would be the best place to go to smoke??
  6. man i have parents and smoke in the house! Just put a fan in the window and lit a incentese. Im dad smokes pot and he stil dont know.
  7. doob tube!!!! everyone knows about it. empty papertowel or tp roll, stuff dryer sheets in it, use a pipe, cover bowl, blow through doob tube....fresh mountain air smell...works for me when im paranoid.
  8. home, sweet home. and when you're at home with parents, what look closer said: the doob tube works a charm.

    my brother taught me a trick AFTER i moved out of my parents' house though: he would take his bowl in the bathroom, lock the door, open the window, start the water, smoke a bowl or 2 blowing smoke out the window, hop in the shower and by the time he'd be done w/ his shower the only thing you could smell is his soap/shampoo/whatever.

    it would only really work in a 2 story home, where your parents who are mowing the grass DON'T smell the weed.

    smoking in the woods is a great idea, but they're not easily accessible to those in suburban/industrial areas such as myself, and you have to be super careful about your flame, it IS fire season!

  9. I may be moving to a downstairs room in my house. Which means the biiiig french windows can be opened and I can just let the smell waft out... hehehehe....
  10. I live in the basment of our house and i have to all to myself and let me tell you, it's the greatest place to smoke ever because all air is being circulated by my fan so the smoke goes were i want it and thats out my window! But i have a proplem i think i killed the plant right outside my window with all the smoke! ;)
  11. The Lakefront or the remote forests 30 miles from chicago.
  12. in a huge old homemade dog house in my backyard

  13. that would be dope
  14. Dude I dont smoke outside of the house unless its at a friends or some this. But I have like a smokers corner in my room, its like 4ftx4ft and it has a luvsac in it and a bookshelf in front of it with my tv and xbox on it...
  15. He wouldn't know? :rolleyes:
  16. My Couch is the shit.
  17. On a canoe(boat) after padling upstream so a nice shaded spot, drop the anchor, get blazed with the girlie... Aww perfection
  18. it is but sometimes my dogs shit in there
  19. outside in general, however smoking in your own room is probably the chillest, coziest experience ever.
  20. On a beach in the afternoon or at sunset. Can't think of a better place. Just picture it. :smoke:

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