Where is the best place to buy reasonably priced bongs online?

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  1. I am in need of a new bong and have no idea where to buy one online. I was thinking possibly buying one of of grasscity (obviously in the made in the usa section) but I am still not sure (I heard bad reviews). I was also looking at bongoutlet and smokeday and they seemed like pretty good sites with cheap glass bongs. Any ideas or recommendations on which site I should order off of? I want a glass bong made in the USA under $60 that will ship quickly.

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    Well there's your problem. It's pretty hard to find legit American made pieces for under $100 or so. Anything you order from a website under that price range is most likely China glass anyway. I recommend shopping around on dhgate, it is China glass but it's from the source so it's super cheap. Get something with lots of good reviews and you will be satisfied.
  3. http://www.grasscity.com/us_en/

    How about giving Grass City a try?

    Since you're a new member you may not know that this site is funded by the online shop?

    At least do your home work on Google rather than asking for people to give info on competing headshops on this site...
  4. I disagree with buying from grasscity -- They have a good selection and the sales are nice when they come around. However, grasscity is still way overpriced and ontop of that they have really sketchy shipping. Try looking at your local headshop you can probably find something you want and maybe talk the owner down a little. I also recommend Ioffer for online purchases. Make sure you read review by the seller.
  5. Aqualabs has nice boro glass bongs made in the us for 100$
  6. I just picked up my first bong (in 30 years) from a quicky mart for $25 - been pretty happy with it, but I view it as a 'starter' bong and I know it will break someday. Since I bought it, I've been intrigued and consumed by finding the perfect bong for me.... I've been itching on this one for $45 ---


    Seems like a pretty sweet piece for the price - only concern is the horizontal joint, but it doesn't seem to be an issue from the reviews. 35% sale right now - don't know if how it gets applied, but if it works, it pays for the $15 shipping --- pretty damn good!
  7. I made up this order in hopes to getting it for Christmas check it out bro

    Only 92$ pretty damn cheep

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1450343875.258749.jpg
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1450343895.145970.jpg

    Best deal I've ever seen.
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    ^^ :)
  9. You this overpriced ?? Where you buying your glass from brotha? This is the best deal I've ever seen all three man, for 91$ ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1450344089.432316.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1450344102.778740.jpg

    I mean check them specs for the bong that's mint for 75$
  10. Hey jmick!! Check out my reply above your deffinetly right grasscity has some bomb deals :) keep up the good work bro, and have a good night.
  11. http://grasscity.com/#home
  12. Why Grasscity of course!!

    Haha jk i have no clue. I support my local head shop. Considering its a small locally Owned buisness.
  13. Bro listen to me. Gogopipes.com i got a 5 mm thick straight tube with downstem and funnel bowl for $50 including shipping. Trust me
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    Are you kidding me, best deal you've ever seen? That Grace Glass is complete China glass and probably cost GC $30. I'm not going to post links because I'd probably get banned or something, but you can go on certain Chinese sites and order things similar to that for $40 or so. Not to mention I've heard GC shipping is pretty slow, so it probably wouldn't even be much slower from China.

    I'm not saying it's good to buy China glass, but when you've got a tight budget there is really no better option right now. I have no doubts that any piece on GC under $100 originates from China anyway. I say you might as well go to the source rather than let a retailer profit off you.

    Edit: You know what who cares. Here is essentially the same piece straight from China for $48: http://www.dhgate.com/product/14-quot-grace-glass-...

  15. Solid tip
  16. Badassglass.com

  17. I will go ahead and also recommend dhgate.com. I understand within the cannabis community there is this stigma against "china glass" but in reality, it is shitty glass in general you want to avoid. I have purchased american made glass that was brittle and really bad imperfections. It seems to me that chinese glass makers are taking bong making serious now and the both quality and function has stepped up drastically. I have ordered a bunch of things from china from quartz enails to enail coils and a Mobius Matrix bubbler replica, you name it. It's quality glass and functions as it should. Of course you can't expect the same quality as those rigs you spend $400+ on but at most we're talking small bubble imperfections or not perfectly aligned joints. But again, check out the prices.





    I saved over $300 total in my last 5 orders from this site. And just to be clear, this is coming from someone who has invested thousands in my collection including Mobius, Sovereignty, David Goldstein, Grav Labs, Seed of Life, and so on.

  18. Smokeday.com for sure, I get all my glass from there

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  19. Can't really beat supporting your local headshop.

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