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  1. Please i just need to know that thread that has some sick ass places around the world .....for example it had a place that looked like you was up in the cloud.... shit was so sick.......please i need to know haha .......sorry its such a waste of a thread but ya know........
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    use the search button.
  3. Well now that I'm armed with this extremely detailed description, I will now go search for the thread that "had a place that looked like you was up in the cloud."
  4. i think i know what you're talking about.
    search on these threads for "socotra island"
  5. Most alien looking places on the planet?

  6. something of this nature

    with trees that resemble mushrooms
  7. l




  8. OP, try looking in pandora's box "most alien looking place on earth"

  9. [​IMG]
  10. hahaha nice +rep

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