Where is everyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by TokinBlue, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. I have noticed lately that most of the mods that were active quite a bit are just not around anymore....Where the hell is everyone??????

    hempress hasnt been around in quite a while(atleast not posting) and neither has anyone else really

    just a curious stoner thought is all....i miss you guys, come on back:smoke:
  2. where my homie bum at? to busy working at subway ?
  3. Lives?!? Do people still have those? :p
  4. haha fucking funny walter, i was just curious cuz they used to be around a lot more and now they are non existant

    ADD: thats more like it :smoke:
  5. Yeah, I was kidding. Having a life is still no excuse for being away from the forums.

    Get it together people! Com'on!
  6. TokinBlue.. is that Athens, Ohio? And CinciNati?
  7. Nice. I grew up in Hamilton, just north of Cincy. :)
  8. :wave: fairfield for me
  9. I think i remember seeing a post that Hempress was moving and wouldn't be around much till they got everything together....don't know about anyone else, though.
  10. Athens? Sweet man. I will be goin to school there at OU in the fall...smokin it up all the time! :smoking: I am here in lame ass upper arlington...suburb of c-bus. meh.
  11. i saw a hempress post two days ago

    edit: but it might have been a ressurrected thread.
  12. What county in central Jersey are you in? I'm in Hunterdon County.
  13. I'm in monmouth county, right on the shore. Red Bank and Asbury Park are closest...but if you don't know those, I'm 15 min North of Point Pleasant.
  14. lol, i noticed that too, but didn't really care to say much about it since the forums seem to be a little bit better the last month, but I do miss seeing the mods come in once in a while and also I've noticed some of the older members like dbw haven't been posting as much, but at least debauch has still been posting on occassion. Whatever, people come and go like the wind man.
  15. i do not really care as much as when i made the thread, i was kinda stoned and it just occured to me i hadnt seen a lot of people in a while, but whatever, it's all good, the city shall carry on :smoke:

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