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Where is everyone

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Bud Head, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. There were only 17 post madee last night. Is everyone on vacation or what?

    I got to get ready to go and make my kids happy. Well it will be good for me too.

    Be back latter. Ya'll be good now, ya hear!
  2. No kidding.

    Even the cockroaches went to bed early around here.

    Making the kids happy is a worthwhile task.

    We'll be here when ya get back.
  3. HIGH All, give the little gaffers a ((((((((HUG))))))) from us could ya.
  4. Just sleepin :p
    seems it'll be more active today
  5. Hmmm...I wasn't around too much. I've been taking advantage of the pretty days we've had. I detailed the cars. I did a little rock climbing and went for a hike in the mountains. A friends little brother turned 18 so a bunch of us took him to a strip club. I was 1 of the 3 girls in the group and there were 8 guys with us. His sister is going to kill us when she finds out we took him. We had a great time, though. Dude was in heaven!!! LOL!!!

    Anyway, that's my excuse for not being at the City!
  6. I stayed at a friend's house with no computer :(

    I had fun tho
  7. i was out with the crazy girlfriend..havin a good time:p
  8. the necrophiliac one? lol
  9. Hey Norm are you still with the killer girl friend? Last I heard you were trying to break it off in her............. I mean't withh her!
  10. hahahaha, i guess you could say i was tryin to break it off in her

    but no, i started thinking, chances are, shes full of shit about the people wanting to kill me thing, and the only time i really get down about it is when were apart, and since she lives an hour and change, away, then thats often...but, shes slacked up on having to talk to me on the phone ALL THE TIME and pretty much lets me go do what i want to now without making me feel guilty and such...and the sex is oh so gooood!

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