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where does weed come from?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by goonkid, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. ruderalis - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_ruderalis
  2. well you see, when a mommy and a daddy plant love each other very much....
  3. yes, but im sure many of those people that have came across a nice weed plant pulled it up and killed it.:( fucking laws!!!:mad:
  4. I read in some books that the first weed probably originated in the steps of asia, near china and nepal, i wouldnt be surprised if sativa did come from south america also, but weed spreads everywhere easily so its hard to pinpoint where it all started.
  5. wtf? howd all of you come up with it being from south america?
  6. Cannabis originates in China.

    Spread by the silk routes to india, from there the world.

  7. from the dirt on the ground
  8. i agree:wave:
  9. Like babies,it comes from the stork.
    I dunno man,I'm just glad bud is around :smoking: .

  10. While Indica has been found in certain parts of Asia, I believe I read somewhere that Sativa grew in northern parts of Asia, but am unsure. In addition, the word Indica literally means "of Indian origin" which was first classified as a seperate sub-species of the cannabis plant sometime in the late 19th century. Before that, it was either referred to as hemp, cannabis or specifically cannabis sativa in the english language.

    Sativa plants are believed to be native in Africa, and were probably introduced to South America by the ancestors of the Native Americans who probably brought cannabis with them when they crossed the Bering strait when there was still a land mass there.

    Some believe cannabis sativa evolved from cannabis indica. Over the centuries we grew it in equatorial regions which would explain for its increased vigor and height as well as the stretchy quality of its leaves. More light, co2, humidity, and general soil quality in the equatorial and southern hemisphere might have slowly, through generations of farming, caused evolutionarily different traits to appear in cannabis until it developed into a whole new sub-species. This, though, is a belief and barely constitutes enough research to be risen to the level of even theory, though it is an entertaining thought.
  11. I read in an article that before it was smoked the Chinese used it for medicinal purposes and that on some expedition in Egypt they opened up the coffin of a mummy and discovered traces of THC inside of it.
  12. I heard wilt chamberlain invented it.

    sorry, i'm like 38% retarded.
  13. from the mother land africa
  14. Which came first, the seed or the plant?
  15. it goes in alot of places naturaly, for example california its a native plant

  16. You cant just assume that, take the potatoe as being only in Ireland basicallly a long long time ago, it had to originate somewhere..

    Id assume south america as the continent, since its weather patterns seem to fit weed the best.
  17. i was watching the History channel last night and they had back to back specials on LSD, Exctacy and Marijauna. they said that the first documented use was in china then made its way the the americas from afghanistan and spain.
  18. weed grows everywhere. if you're smokin some schwag, odds are that its from mexico. but if its that good, it probly from your local growery. some of the best stuff i've smoked comes from el paso, tx, colorado in the boulder area, and fuckin cali yo.

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