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Where does shit weed come from?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pot4fun, Jan 21, 2014.

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    i dont know much about growing, but smoking this joint has me curious. So does everyone expect to grow dank, and then it gets progressively more shitty everytime they screw something up in the growing process, and then it gets harvested as mids/low grade bud, or does the grower purposely plant lower grade bud because maybe its easier to grow or something?

  2. Nobody wants to grow shitty weed.  Some people just suck at it.
  3. Smuggled in someone's butthole
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    shit weed is grown in bulk solely for monetary gain. little effort is put into the process. if you start with good genetics, you it can still get a bad harvest but odds are it will be better than the same result when using poor genetics.
    <-----i grow mid from bag seeds and it turns out waay better than the bag i pulled the seeds from, just from proper care and maintenance ;)
  5. shitty growers
  6. Nah buttholes are for primo quality hash
  7. I think shit weed is from growing it improperly and not curing the bud correctly.
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    Shit weed, or low quality weed, is grown if there are males left near female plants during flowering. If males are near them during flowering the male pollen sacs will eventually burst and pollinate the females which will make the females focus all of its energy into producing seeds and less on the flower. If you only have female plants the flowers won't get pollinated and it will focus on producing the flowers into super sticky dank buds because it wants to make it's chances of male pollen to attach to it.
  9. shitty weed comes from un flushed weed and from chemically produced weed. shitty weed usually comes from massive bulk grow's where they can't give plant's individual care. they grow for money not for quality. and transport usually hurts weed quality. support organic grower's. organic weed gives the most tasty and smooth buds. it takes lot's of love and care for quality weed. 

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