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Where do you store -your- stash?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bleedyourcedar, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. So, I'm really interested in seeing how people store their stash. What containers, baggies, boxes and what not do you guys keep your bud in? Pics, if possible, please!
  2. I keep my stash in a box in my closet. Pretty simple setup.
  3. stash as in herb? or in lighters peices etc. as for herb, im gettin a new mason jar to keep under a pile of clothes in my closet. peices are in a sweatshirt in my closet
  4. Mostly I meant just your herb, but whatever you happen to store it with as well : )
  5. Bud is in a bag, which fits in a case I had for my car stereo faceplate along side a little pipe. Nice and airtight and easy to grab and go.

    I usually keep my busters, skins, pipes, and bowls in a drawer or on my table.
  6. I use a Tupperware box thing.
  7. In a lock box in my closet.
  8. heres mine, you can pick one up at home depot for around 5 bucks. worth it imo.
    edit: i should have said i made this myself:D

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  9. I'm currently out of bud, but I usually keep it in a pill bottle.
  10. are you by chance related to danny blaze?
  11. I keep it in my stash spot
  12. In a mason jar, under all my dirty clothes in my hamper :D
  13. In an Axe bodyspray can - in my back pack - in my closet.
  14. I usually keep my bud in a pill bottle or 2 (or 3 or 4 :D) stuffed under the back cushions in my room. My bubbler sits behind the couch. When I had/When I get a new bong, It'll go behind my dresser just like the last one. :p
  15. in a mason jar in my closet :D
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    I knew of hiding your stash behind an outlet plate, but i didnt know they made those little cubby things. So sick
  17. I thought so too man, go and cop you one, their cheap.
  18. I keep my bud in a pill container in a bag in one of my side tables, my bowls in the same place and my 2 bongs have their own bags and I keep them in my closet. Wish I had somewhere better to stash everything but I'm in a small apartment right now.
  19. Pill bottles.
  20. usually pill bottles, i have a little vacu-seal thinggie but it doesn't hide the smell... found some nice containers called lock and lock. they are nice at holding the smell in.

    As for where i keep it along with my pipe, papers, grinder, etc is in an arturo fuente cigar box. Actually got it for free from the local tobacconist... they had some extras and just gave it to me! it's a lovely little balsa wood box that holds quite a lot of stuff...

    keeps me organized which is always fun

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