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where do you smoke up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weedisnoweed, May 5, 2011.

  1. in title, cause i can't in the house or backyard (it's daytime) and the woods near me are full of walkers and kids who just ot out of school, where should i go to toke
  2. well i toke at your mom's place...
  3. Spin a joint and take a walk with only the joint. Smoke it like a Cig by the time your done the evidence is gone. Eat the roach if you are super paranoid.

    Me? I smoke anywhere I want.
  4. bong hits in the bathroom, cover the door with a wet towel, brush your teeth and take a shower, maybe take a shit too, spray some axe, be high

    i smoke anywhere cuz imma boss
  5. good call, i dont have papers just my pipe but anywhere outside?
  6. Damn, wish we could high five. :cool:

    Op idk toke in the bathroom, steam out with hot shower water, blow smoke out the window, take a shower. No one will ever know

    edit- pipes work inside
  7. Shut up.... Really that wasn't required, just stop it :mad:
  8. If your hitting a pipe just find a place somewhat inognito. If the woods have walkers lean against a tree and hit the pipe. step behind the house. Dunno man you know your area best.

    P.S. get some papers life is easier having papes on hand.

    Build a fort in the backyard LOL
  9. When I lived in jersey we all smoked in the sun room or our shed. Down here I'm in the rural area I'm surrounded by fields and no worries of any one ever being around so I just smoke at the house, or chill out front.
  10. smoke where the good vibes are
  11. go to a friends house. or go out for a drive to the outskirts of town.
  12. Anywhere I want to, yo.

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