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Where do you prefer to smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JesusMurphy, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. I prefer to smoke in my room. My dad doesn't know what weed smells like, and thinks it's my deodorant. My mum knows, but she doesn't mind. It's cosy, i'm where i know i won't get caught (i mostly smoke joints so my dad thinks it's a cigarette, he knows i smoke) and I have my guitar and my laptop, and everything else in my room. I have easy access to food in my kitchen too, and everything i could ever need. :D I'd rather smoke in my room than anywhere else.

    Where do you like to smoke, and why?
  2. I love toking on my porch :D
  3. I also smoke in my room. My dad smokes, and my step-mom doesn't mind if i smoke without friends here, so I put a towel under the door, and they know I'm sparking up basically.

    It's nice to chill in a 100% comfortable setting. Nothing better.
  4. im smoking in my room now. it's 1:15am, everybody's gone to bed, the house is basically all mine as long as i keep it quiet. it's great. :D
  5. My MFLB in my room, with my laptop and some munchies with no risk of my parents walking in. So cozy and comfortable.
  6. Hotboxin my friends cars at like 11 at night on lowkey streets. Soooooo chill.
  7. my favorite spot to smoke is on top of this abandoned freight train car me and my friends found in high school, its nice as shit and you can see miles each way down the train tracks. i most frequently smoke anywhere in my apartment though, it doesn't really matter where since all my room mates smoke and the land lord doesn't ever come in
  8. I like chilling at the park when the sun goes down and listening to some jamz too. The park is only about a 5 minute walk from my place.
  9. Me and my friend took a table and 2 chairs from a house that the residents moved and forgot about, into a clearing in the woods :D favorite spot so far
  10. i love smoking some bongs out on my back deck in the sun, chilling with my dog. so relaxing.

  11. In my room, with some nice dryer sheets to blow into, just to make sure no one finds out... Though the A/C on 24/7 helps too
  12. I cleared out one of my old sheds, put in some chairs, a table. And now its my friends and my favorite place to get our smoke on.

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