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Where do you get your bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RolikinToker420, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Where do you get your bud? Where do you smoke it? Details and especially if you have kids or live with anyone who is against smoking. If enough people reply i might add a poll.
  2. there are plenty of these threads on GC, try the search button
  3. why u askin all these questions like u a narc???
  4. undercover cop ;)
  5. wow you do sound like a cop :|
  6. kinda creepy.. TAKE THIS! I buy my shit from a one armed son of a bitch down at the harbor. his name is smokey mick joes and he loves dem bitches all night long ... like huuuung foo kinda lovin know whatchi meen?I go smoking in yo house nigga I'M SMOKING IN YO HOUSE!(rick james style) oh btw i live at 1533 jooo moma fucksville new burnswell 12340 pci hugga hugga hobo keep it on the down low yeh know? fo show

    *edit* if anyone actually says something usefull in reply to this ima punch you in the nuts over this intranet dothingy
  7. i get the bud from a dealer, i smoke the bud at my house, friends house, a car or some nice spot outside
  8. i buy my bags of marijuana (usualy green) from someone called a dealer. they are called this becasue of the reason taht they tend to sell or deal things. i smoke it out of a marijuana ..excuse me tobacco waterpipe or sometimes using cigarette rolling papers or a cigar wrap. i smoke it in the woods, in a house, but i like in a car by far.

  9. LOL. Me too!

  10. LOL!!!!
  11. bahahahahaha
  12. Well, usually, like once a month, we break into the police dpt. storage room and nick all the weed we can get there. Then we go skinnin' up right outside the station, on the stairs. If it's too cold outside, we enter the mayor's office. He's got widescreen.
  13. I get mine from the underground gnomes. They pop out into my garden and give me large supplies of bud. I enjoy smoking it in the giant lightbulb on the roof of my house. I live at 142 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield.

  14. bart is that you.. this is bort your long lost bro.

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