Where do you buy those..

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Maxtasy, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Anyone know where to buy those little baggies to put drugs in? ^^

  2. maybe try wal-mart or a grocery store.
  3. couldnt find any at wal-mart maybe I'll try eBay
  4. You mean those little coke bags? I have found them at a craft store before.. Also if you work at a store where they sell clothing and what not, like Hot Topic, they also tend to have them, and you can steal a bunch, assuming you work there and won't really get in trouble..

    My ex-girlfriend used to steal the little bags from Hot Topic and then sell E in them lol
  5. Most headshops carry them, just ask for jewelry bags.
  6. last pack i literally asked for the "dime bags" at the headshop and she just giggled and asked which design i wanted..

    ive gotten them at cigar land as well.
  7. they're at walmart, trust me. go look in your craft section. they're not expensive at all either, and you can get some very clear ones that self stick (I personally like ziploc's more) and they make you're bud look even better LOL.
  8. hahahaha, they're helping you sell drugs.... write a thank you note to the corporation building ;)

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