Where do u go when u want Psychological Evaluation but have no money/insurance?(srs)

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  1. ? i'm constantly angry. All the time. Its just getting worse now.

    I want to destroy **** and hurt people. Make them recognize my anger. Luckily i haven't acted on it...but I fear its comnig.

    (serious) I think im going to kill someone if i dont get help. The thought of inflicting pain(physically/emotionally) on others is the only thing that calms me down. p.s. nothing to do with weed but i've noticed im more on edge after I started smoking. I had always had these problems my whole life, its just now, i have trouble controlling them. (which I shouldnt be...i need to get rid of them, but i dont know how)
  2. Wow... dude. I'd honestly just check into the hospital for a brief diagnosis.

    That does not sound good. It sounds to me like you definitely need chemical assistance in the short-term and therapy in the long-term.
  3. If you're in the US, call your local health department or crisis line and ask about mental health services in your area.
    If you're in the UK, call The Samaritans.
  4. i seem like a broken record...weed helps some and doesn't others.

    i remember i knew a guy who was kinda craze..but after he smoked all he wanted to do was inflict pain on shit and that was what got him goin...and im a pretty peaceful person..unless its a spider (ike a gnarly one) or ants..i fuckin kill ants on sight!

    but yea.. i dunno if i were u i'd slowly stop smoking..but im not you.

    i would suggest instead of pickin up ur next dub.. spend 20 on the psychologist and see whats goin down and if shit is really that bad, then pyschiatrist might be for you?

    UNLESSS weed helps you later in the future and u dont know that yet...i mean weed helps me so much its ridiculous.. i can't even think of what my life would be like if ii didn't smoke weed.

    and to get rid of the problem..you gatta know how the problem even started in the first place.. like what was the cause? a girlfriend? mother? father? schooL? because unless u know the cause..ur just stuck with the effect and u'll run around circles and circles trying to figure out whats happening but coming home with the same result...fuck if i know. youi just gatta relax and think. think deeeply about yourself and your past and how this problem even occured.

    hope that helped

    im kinda on edge so if i missed some stuff or if it sounds kinda stupid/offensive, i mean no offense just my input. and if im wrong, im happy because living on earth should be a happy thing..not a sad thing..definately not a hindrance..but should be a little challenging so you could live each day excited for the next..and when i pull that off i'll let u know how that goes :)

    other than that..if my shit was completely wrong.. then im glad im wrong and i hope u find your solution :)

    good luck bro
  5. You need to go to your nearest er man. I working in an er and always handle psych patients. If they do not have a unit for you, they will transport you there. Money shouldn't be an issue when your health is on the line...
  6. Cannabis can definitely exacerbate preexisting mental conditions.

    Obviously you should stop using all drugs immediately, including weed and alcohol.
  7. tell that story to a cop, im sure the state will fund a doctor for you.
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    nah man. Weed has done wonderful things to me too. If anything, weed is the only thing keeping my stable. I feel "right" and "normal" when I smoke.

    When Im sober, I feel wrong, stupid, no-control of emotions, useless, low self esteem. And you're right, I know what the problem is. Its my family, its me, its this shit hole I live in. Everything comes down to being around them. We're not really a "family". Biologically yes, but emotionally, No. We're strangers living in the same home. Im like a slave to them. If im idle for 1 hour, i get bitched at to do something.

    I work for Los angeles city, and my site didn't give me any hours due to 'office politics', so im out of work right now. You try getting a job in Los angeles while keeping your self respect. (McD's) (Please dont state how i'm just blaming others, I can get you a list of other co-workers who are aware of this office favoritism yet we can't do anything about it because they're all to scared to stand up for themselves for fear of losing this "awesome" city job)

    Am I just being a bitch? I mean, don't get me wrong, i know im spilling my guts here but im holding a lot back. I find it hard to distinguish if all these external factors are all real or if its just ME being me. That's where I need help. I can't tell the difference.

    fuhhhhhck, im heated typing this.
  9. Just remember that things will get a whole lot worse for you real fast if you act on your urges to hurt or kill.

    Trust me. Not a good option.
  10. Unless, of course, you're using so much alcohol that stopping suddenly will send you into the DTs, then only stop under medical supervision.:) (drinking multiple times a day, starting in the AM)

    One of my cousins had to institutionalize herself because she was planning to kill everyone at work. She's a microbiologist and her (potentally highly effective) plan would've made the national news. Luckily for the whole of metro Atlanta and parts of outlying areas she has worked through her anger issues. You're not alone in these feelings, and there is help available.
  11. i don't have a plan or a specific person... no need to call the authorities :smoke:...I'm just aware i need the help.
  12. you get a free evaluation in prison dude

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