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where do my posts go?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. where do my posts go?

    for a long long time, i've noticed that occasionally things i post dont always stay there.
    are the mods out on a vendetta against me? or are we just gonna blame the internet sea monkies for this one?
  2. The moderators have the right to delete whatever they feel needs to be deleted. Threads and posts do get deleted on occasion. There is no "vendetta" against anyone. If the moderators feel that something doesn't belong at the City then they have the right to delete it or edit it. Plain and simple.
  3. larfin.

    i didnt really think there was a vendetta... i just wanted to use that word because its cool.

    but ya see... the reason for my conpuzzlement over this, is due to the lack of being informed.

    i thought it was the practice to inform the person why a post was deleted so they knew where they went wrong.
  4. Sometimes the moderators do PM members about certain situations but when people know the rules and what is allowed and isn't allowed but still continue on, then the PM's are quite useless. *The PM's aren't the practice of all mods nor does it have to be. Some choose to PM members, some choose not to. If it is important, then they will.

    I will say that the City has had some not-too-great vibes in it and none of the moderators are going to allow it to become a clone of another site that will remain nameless. So, one may see more posts than usual being deleted because we are making an effort to not let the City go to hell in a handbasket.
  5. good to hear.

    but the job is only gonna get tougher for you guys as time passes and the city grows. does that mean as the job gets tougher the reigns of authority will need to be tightened?

    i just had to make this thread so i could be a little more sure what was going on. i did so after discovering one of my posts disappearing when i knew exactly what was said and cannot see how it could possably have been unacceptable. hehe, probably just as well i didnt get a pm about it. knowing me, i woulda probably just gone of on a big long rant defending my case. :D

  6. The reigns won't need to be tightened if everyone could just follow some simple rules and have respect for one another.

  7. critter with a vendetta... theres a nightmare. could be fun,lol.[​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. wait.. so some of it is the mods.. and the other part IS the sea monkeys!?!
  9. yeah... ya gotta watch out for them internet sea monkehs.

    and *looks up*... EEK! critter hath struck. noooooooo!

    *runs and runs and runs tuns and tuns and runs and runs tuns.*
  10. Those bastard sea monkeys...made off with 20 of my posts :p
  11. i think the mods at overgrow need to do the same that site is so slow sometimes...
  12. I moved one 'o yer posts from here the other day digit, if that's the one you were talking about then it's in general

    I haven't had to delete anything yet, thankfully
  13. the only time i may have deleted one or 2 of your posts may have been some kid who posts that he's actually under 18, and i have to delete it, and you may have replied something that also contained his age in it, and then i have to delete yours...............or if someone posts a reply, and has the offending writing in bold, and lines above and below it....."like quoting what they said"..........i have to delete it...........i can't do that, pasteing someones reply into is it done, i've allways wondered that............?.........Peace out.........Sid

  14. Instead of clicking on "post reply", click on "quote" under the person's post that you are wanting to quote. :)
  15. is this some kind of joke?

    sid didnt know how to add a quote thingy?


    i dont believe it.

    not a seasoned vetran blade like sid. surely not.

    this must be one of those scripted, lets-tell-the-audience-throught-the-dialogue type things.

  16. I do that sometimes.. I usually mess around with things and screw up my computer though first!!

  17. hey i got it digit, it was just stupid ol me, never asked anyone, allways wondered what that button i didn't wanna hit it to find out.........Sid
  18. its lieka hair cut..... its better with age.... err. thats wine...


    i forgot ......

    what was the question?

  19. the question has long since been answered and is irrelevant now.

    but i liked the sentiment about haircuts getting better with age. ;)

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