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  1. First time grower here...getting tired of crappy product from the street vendors so I saved a bunch of seeds from the best stuff we had purchased and decided to grow our own.

    Started about two weeks ago with a Burpee growing tray and dome from Home Depot. We planted two seeds in each peat cube as we had read on-line. Almost all of them sprouted, and now I have to decide which seedlings to clip and which to keep. When they are only 3 inches high it is a genuine guessing game with regard to the sex, right?

    We have a 36 inch by 20 inch closet that we are attempting to convert into a growing room. I just built a shelf approximately 16 inches off the floor, and order both a 400 Watt HPS and 400 Watt MH ballast system on Ebay. Everything I read on-line gives me a somehat different answer. Can anyone help? I have been taking tons of pictures to document out progress. Please help two new closte-growers.

    Which lights do I use and when? How close should they be to the leaves of the plant? Miracle Grow fertilizer or not? Aaaarrrggghhh!! Help...Please!:smoking:

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  2. Do I have this right -- you want to try to grow what looks like at least a couple dozen plants in a 36x20x16 space?
  4. Not at all guys...they are all going outside...only putting 4 plants in the space i listed:rolleyes:
  5. if im not mistaken i believe u use the metal halide for vegitation because it helps root growth, and then the hps for flowering, i think thats right, gl on ur grow

  6. MH for veg, HPS for flower.

    During veg use a fert with a higher first number (nitrogen) and for flower a higher second number (phosphorous).

    You need more verthcal height to work with than 16 inches -- the pots come up a few inches off the floor, the lights hang down a few inches from the ceiling, you need some clearance between the plant and the light, and well that right there is a total of at least 16 inches already. Easiest way to determine distance from the light is to hold the back of your hand by the tops of the plants and if it is too hot for you to hold there comfortably for 30 seconds or so then it's too close.
  7. Also, it is impossible to tell sex at this age. They are too small.

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