Where do Dead OGers Go?

Discussion in 'General' started by Spanishfly, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Now that Overgrow is definitely dead and buried, where have all the OGers gone?? Maybe they have all changed their names, I don´t see any familiar names at all here.
    Is there another forum that is more attractive to them?
    Maybe the DEA has arrested all the Americans.

  2. People from OG more than likely migrated to differnt forums scattered across the web, there are a bunch of people that came here from OG if you look hard enough im sure you'll find them.

    Alot of people probally got scared off after the OG bust would be my guess.

    Welcome to the city :hello:
  3. Thank you Josh, nice to be here.
  4. I was a regular OGer not one of the legends though.

    Bummer that OG was shut down, took me ages to find a new forum with half descent material.
  5. Always been a GC man, myself...

    Although, I was reading the story of the "Rise and Fall of Overgrow" in High Times.
  6. right here

    no advertising allowed. -Wykid

    they actually had a thread over their talking shit about grasscity because they said it was all complete beginners.

    the growing forums are really great on that site.
  7. GC > icmag. Sowwie.
  8. as just a place to chat this place is deff better. But if your serious about weed that place is wayyy better. People actually know what there talking about and theirs some crazy knowledable growers on there. If your lookign for accurate info about growing/breeding or anything like that, thats the place to go.
  9. OG was a pretty cool messageboard taught me alot about growing that's for sure.
  10. Yo spanishfly, i came here when i got the net back recently and found out overgrow had gone. Might remember me from the UK outdoor thread along with, ch@pers/eclectus/jaap and the guys. Good to see somones name who i recognise around :)
  11. i never posted any pics on OG but i read about a million thread there

    p.s. OG was way better than grasscity
  12. high times should sponsor GC, GC is the shit.
  13. The day OG died was a sad day instead. This place looks to be pretty similar though so tis all good. It'd be nice to know where the legends went though :(.
  14. IM from OG andI got herehehe, so yea my name was livefast yall probly dont remember me.
  15. i was at og for a while. then over to cannabis culture where everyone is a dickhead, then here where people are cool.

    i do admit theres not alot of growing info here, but then again im used to the vast libraries of info og had.
  16. yall want growing info/ ask me anything/ im just here to chill and kick it

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