where did u buys your lights?

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  1. gonna move up to hps and wanted to see whats the best deal out there

    ive seen a lot of people go w/ htg.com, good since they have those electronic ballasts package deal, but are they the cheapest?

    has anyone used 1000bulbs.com, whadda think of the ballast on there? too noisy?
  2. I just got a 400w HPS from HTG. Yeah I think price wise they are about the cheapest your going to find. I have looked at a lot of diffferent online retailers and found nothing close to that price range. I did find one that had a digital ballast that was a refurb for around the same price. But decided to go with HTG for their dependalbility and customer service.
  3. i got a 150w hps from HTG so far soo good and pretty fast shipping! Shipping cost to me was a lil high but i guess it was due to weight of the ballast/light fixture.
  4. I ordered a bulb and reflector from these guys:

    Discount Hydroponics

    They have pretty good prices. Not sure how they compare in price vs. quality. I ordered an off-brand enhanced spectrum bulb from them, and they upgraded me for no extra charge to a hortilux when that brand was out of stock.
  5. I shop with www.lovelandhydroponics.com I like them because I've called with so many questions and the guys there are always so helpful. I dont even get that from some of the local hydro stores when I go in, let alone over the phone. Prices are good and if you go in their forum thing there's a coupon for like 10% off your order:smoke:
  6. Both my 400w magnetic HPS and 600w digital HPS cooltube light came from HTG, I couldn't find better prices on new lights anywhere. Plus, like someone said, the customer service is great. I've ordered from them about a half dozen times. :smoke:
  7. Check out ebay.
  8. i got a 400w hps ballast, 400w hps bulb, 400w hps conversion bulb from kit at htgsupply.com i've been nothing but amazed by results. those HID lights are where it's at. htg is pricey but excellent quality. i also find their customer service very helpful. you pretty much get what u pay for as far as quality. only use known sites tho.
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    Go to ebay and search by ebay store name for POWERKINGSHOP. I have bought a ton of lights off of them for me and my friends. Awesome service, fast shipping, and great prices. Best deal we have found by far (and no i am not affiliated with them, i just like to put other people onto a good deal) 600w kits with electronic ballast, both bulbs, 24"x30"reflector w/cooltube, and yo-yos goes for about $250 shipped from them, and gets to my place in 3-4 days from the day i purchase. Ballast is UL listed also.
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    Search on Ebay for gyosupplies get 400w swichable setup for around 100.... 2 bulbs mh/mps, ballast (UL rated), reflector(that pebble pounded finish). Everything you need. Outta bay area Cali.. may be better stuff I don't know Imma noob but this is what I started with
  11. check craigslist, these are the best deals. I got a 400 w hid w/digital ballast and mh bulb for 100 dollars this way, and i know many people who have received the same kind of deals.
  12. +1 for craigslist aswell
  13. i also say htg supply. their customer service is awesome and they are happy to help with anything. remember, a lot of times if you go and buy anything that's real cheap, it usually is for a reason and you get what you pay for. i spent about a grand at htg supply and im very satisfied. you go buy some real cheap off brand at some unknown site it may not have the durability and the customer service may not speak english.
  14. Discount Hydroponics offer Life Time Warrenties on there ballast...enough said!
  15. HTG is def not the cheapest whatsoever. I think everything is overpriced on HTGSupply.
  16. HTG ballast tend to break down as well...:smoking:
  17. I got most of my setup from a local hydro shop. I was gonna order off the net to avoid having to pay sales tax but the shipping was either just as much if not more than I was saving, plus I had to wait for my stuff and if anything ever goes wrong I have to ship it back to them wait to find out whats going on then have fixed or replaced product sent back. I would rather spend my money with a local shop and help the people and economy in the area anyway, plus the local guys ended up beating the online prices and threw in some freebies. All I can say is shop around and check them all out, it doesn't hurt to look around.

  18. I also got my 400w hps ballast, 400w hps bulb, and 400w hps conversion bulb from htg. Def the way to go.
  19. Htgsupply is cheap but when it comes to ballasts i wouldn't skimp.the're not cheaper because its magic the're cheaper cause they use the shittiest components.Dom't get me wrong its 70 miles from my house and that where i shop.but I'll spend few extre buks and get quality.
  20. I've been using my 400w magnetic ballast and bulb for over 4 years without a problem.
    The 600w digital ballast I bought from 'em turned on once and never worked again. After corresponding with them, I sent back the faulty ballast and they sent me a new one out. No problems since. That's the customer service part people talk about :metal:

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