where did humanity go wrong?

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  1. i don't know if you heard this but my mother works for Big Brothers Big Sisters and she got a news alert that a nation wide child pornography ring had been broken up and many arrests had accured.two of them being a big brother and a caseworker for the org.is that not disturbing?the fact that they could hide that kind of thing so well that even a place that does fingerprints and background checks would be so oblivious to such a horrible thing really pisses me off.pervs and jerks ruin the world...oh yeah,they tested positive for pot so of course, guess what got the blame?people like that really boil my water.

    thank you for playing,should we,or should we not follow the advice of the galacticly stupid!
  2. Soooooo Sad that this happens in our society. The Pope finally issued a statement condemning the Priest's involved in child molestation, nice but a lttle freakin' WEAK for my taste.He should have issused a decree that violaters would have their testicles crushed, then sewn up in their mouths while a final prayer was said for them!!!!!!
  3. my you have an active imagination don't you?but,i in a way agree,there should be gharsher punishments for people who involve children in there sexual affairs.it really makes me sick
  4. not just an imagination GG, my lil' sister was molested by a close family friend, and was afraid to say anything until he passed away. After I found out I went and pissed on his grave!! I have NO sympathy for people like that. I realize that they are "sick", but unless they seek professional help, they are no more excusable than someone having AIDS and having un-protected sex without informing their partners.
  5. The number of sicko-s is staggering. I have many friends who were molested as children, usually by family members, and I myself by a "friend" of the family when I was 5. Never told my parents, though. Even here in smalltown Wyoming they arrested a TEACHER for having child pornography. I'm with critter-if anyone lays a hand on my child they better be prepared to face ME! I just don't understand some people..:(.

    Hey cowboysaxman, I like your method of punishment!
  6. Dude is lucky to have died when he did, or I would now be in Prison, and he would have gone alot sooner,withALOT more pain!!
  7. sick bastards.
    children are the epitome of innocence in this world. children are like a clean slate. everything that happens to them or with them is carved into that slate for a lifetime. these guys will get off with jail sentences, but these children will grow into adults, scarred for life....

    and by people who are supposed to be "safe," like priests and teachers?
    who can we trust anymore? even cops are corrupt; we have a local case going about 3-4 oakland cops who are being charged for harassing & even beating innocent people, taking bribes, etc. they're causing harm, and they're supposed to protect our SAFETY? and that's just ONE instance...

    the only thing we can do is try to put that helping hand out to others we may not necessarily know. take the extra step, help the old dude @ the post office who is having a hard time in line carrying his package, or help the woman who's struggling with 3 kids and a grocery cart to her car. it's not much and even if you offer you may be turned down in an effort to help, but it'll reinstill that comfort that GOOD people exist.

    i don't know call me a naive tree-hugging hippie of sorts, but i truly think that every little bit helps... it may not take the evil out of the world but it may just make someone's day
  8. People like that are so fucking disgusting and not to mention pathetic. Only a pervert would try to take advantage of a child - they can't even protect themselves. I can't believe they blamed it on marijuana, what a joke. I don't take if he smoke a pound in a day, that doesn't mean shit and it doesn't excuse anything.
  9. Yeah it sucks that they blamed it on the weed. It sucks even more that the Papacy are sheltering corrupt priests.
  10. You just bumped an 11 year old thread. Congrats.

    What the fuck happened 11 years ago anyway? :confused:
  11. This must be an original. There couldnt have been a lot of members. When did the site first go up? nvm 1999, so close to an original. And damn Grasscity leading the way in Web 2.0
  12. you cant believe everything you hear, that felt like a story that's not complete.
  13. As the days go by and I grow older as a young adult I realise how ugly the world can be..

    Edit: WTF this thread is old as fuk. Those little kids r probably our age now

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