Where could I buy a Scale from

Discussion in 'General' started by wd2006, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. I dont want to buy a scale online, or buy one at a Headshop, some of them are kind of expensive.

    I was thinking if there are any department stores like Sears or Home Depot or Bed Bath and Beyond that sell these gram scales.

    Thank you
  2. Office Depot sells them, and I know in my area there are a couple gas stations that sell pocket scales. I think they also sell the large postal scales in walmart.
  3. i bought a mini one with blue lit LCD for $18 on ebay buy it now
  4. Yeah, Office Depot does have 'em.

    Why don't you just buy one from the smokeshop? I got me a nice-sized pocket scale for $30.

    I got the silver scale on the left.
  5. are you 18?

    trick question
  6. im 20. Im too lazy to wait for the box to come to my house and pay shipping. I rather just walk in and walk out with the damn scale in my hand. hehe
  7. yeaoffice depot and places like that carry postal scales. but some of them only weight down to a gram instead of a tenth or hundreth. and for weighing bud you want atleast down to the tenth
  8. then go to a head shop.....
  9. I just bought one on ebay for $15 shipped. Its the same one that rhino posted a picture of. Seems to work great as of now. It only took 3 days for shipping too.
  10. Haha its more like impatient rather then lazy..

    anyways Idk about your area, but around here scales are expensive in headshops.
  11. like the others said go to an office supply store, they should be fairly reasonable
  12. boughtr my scale off ebay for .01 dollars and payed ten for shipping so cheap as hell
  13. They are grossley overpriced for scales.

    I don't know how much Office Depot sells theirs, but I bet you could easily find one cheaper then headshops.

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