Where can't you get seed need some help?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by murder prince, Jul 19, 2002.


Should i get them off the online seed

  1. online

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  2. fine somebody that sell them

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  1. man i am just begin am i want to grow my own weed but i don't no where to buy them from? my friend say get them off the net
    but i think that fast way to go to jail like is this way theway to go? please help.
  2. yeah get them online from somewhere like/

    www.cannabisworld.com -has a auction

    /,they should be safe to order from. And if you are going to get busted all the cops have you on is the seeds unless you have shit on you and the house you sent the seeds to. To be totally safe send the seeds to a friends house and in his name. And when your friend gets busted he can just say he knows nothing about them and he didn't order them bla bla bla, he might even get out of it that way. You should be fine don't worry.

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