Where can i watch weeds?!

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  1. Sooo i watched season 7 of weeds, and it was fannnnnntastic. i loved it, and to my surprise there were 6 seasons i had to catch up on... very exciting stuff.... but anyways, i recently had my friends account on netflix and discovered they had all 6, so i got to about season 2 and now no longer have his account! :mad: so basically i need to know where the hell i can watch seasons 2-6?!? i know i can torrent them... but.... my computer is pretty slow and i really just dont have the patience. help me please!
  2. Stream it here:

    Weeds Full Episodes - episode 1 season 2 | Search Results | TV Show | SideReel

    Just change the numbers in the URL accordingly. Always choose videobb or megavideo links. Just press play, close the pop up ad, then play again.

    There is a 72 minute limit on watching video, but you can overcome this by pasting the URL into this site:

    Sheepser.com - Skip VideoBB, Megavideo and VideoZer Time limit

    You can watch every episode of every show streaming this way. I watched a few episodes at a friends and within 3 I was really enjoying it. Kevin Nealon's character and the main chick's brother are stoner comedy gold.
  3. If you megavideo, let it load and watch it offline then you can bypass the time limit. Also, use tv.blinx.com, tvduck.com or sidereel.com, they have all the episodes (sidereel/tvduck has more links)

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