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where can i smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by WotM8, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. I'm planning to smoke this weekend but i dont have a place to smoke at. Its going to be first time so i cant smoke outside. Need some advice

  2. Details.
    For all we know, you could be trapped in an insane asylum.
  3. We're buying a dub, smoking with a joint. We can't smoke in any of our houses because someone is always here. None of friends smoke so we can't smoke at their house. I could try my basement but It will be very suspicious bringing all my friends to my basement. Also I live in a town with no woods :/
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    Just go chill somewhere and act like it's a cigarette. Don't over think it, OP. The less you care, the less people will suspect you. The great thing about a joint is that you can always toss it

    EDIT: and by "the less you care," I don't mean go light up in front of the PD. Don't act suspect, but also keep your wits about you

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  5. Burn up anywhere bro its an open world... there must be somewhere quiete and secluded in your local area, just use your imagination go to a park and find a good spot or under a subway, in an alleyway or something. Do any of you drive?
  6. Find a bus stop and light up.  Sooner or later you will joined by a few other smokers and all will be well.
  7. If this actually happened then their would be world piece lol

    But yeah just walk around and smoke, if you see something suspicious just toss the joint and roll another one. Unless it's your last joint, you better run and chief.

    Stay Positive, Stay Based..
  8. walk n smoke go in very unbusy streets, in centers of parks my advice to you is roll a few smaller joints so you can smoke them quickly, you have less chance of getting caught, L shad alleyways take a taxi/bus to an un populated areas
  9. ....oh to be a teenager again. Really though, like everyone else said. Don't over think it. Find a non busy street and just walk and burn. Have a drink with you so if a cop rolls up on you ( probably wont happen, but always good to have a plan ) you can just eat the joint and wash it down.
  10. yo please tell me dis guys kiddin?
  11. Why the hell would I be kidding. If you throw it on the ground a cops gonna find it.
  12. Yeah i mean i dont think hes kidding. Hes coming up with a worst case scenario plan for some odd reason but US normal people care about our criminal record and life. I ate weed before cops showed up before, wasnt a bad plan because he flipped me and my friends world upside down and searched our bags and everything for no reason.

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  13. Smoke in your parents bedroom or inside a local police station. Good luck.
  14. Not if you smash it into the dirt or the concrete with your shoe.
    Seen it happen and the cop did not find it :laughing:.
  16. I have actually found people sitting at a bus stop smoking a J.
    And OP, I have walked the streets of downtown L.A. smoking a joint with people walking by and cops rolling down the street. Never had an incident and I would remain calm if a cop did roll up on me. It's just a fuckin joint.
    Now if you live in a small farming community of Kansas and the cops are bored, then you will make headlines in the local paper.
  17. grind it all up, roll it all up, hit up a local park, parking lot, something that is vacant most of the days and full others..
  18. Outside bring eye drops and get rid of all the weed by smoking it of course and have fun dude.

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  19. Yeah but theres always the chance they might. I know its just weed and all, but id rather just wolf it down than risk a charge. Or in this kids case, being grounded. :laughing:
  20. I remember my first time.... Oh wait.. No I don't..

    Lol jk just smoke it yo!!!

    I used to roll a blunt as I walked from the parking lot to class and never got caught... Of course that was stupid and I didn't know any better cause I was high as shit!

    Find a quiet place, roll up and relax.

    If you don't relax you probably Wong feel it.

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