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Where can I get this beaver bic lighter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MadHavoc, May 10, 2010.

  1. As the title says, I',m looking for the beaver bic.
    If anyone can tell me where to buy it online, or in a store, I'm going to walmart and some other stores, but not sure if they will carry it.

  2. look at gas stations or corner stores
  3. I found one just like it and one with an eyeball at a smoke shop. Look around, different places have different shipments of lighters
  4. dunno about a beaver lighter but this is the lighter i use for weed.
  5. why would you want a lighter with a beaver on it?
  6. why the fuck not?!
  7. Lol I love looking at the designs on lighters, I think I might start a collection...:rolleyes:
  8. is the carb on the front of that pipe?
  9. Dayymm I want that lighter too, im gonna search too
  10. haha thats a ground hog, and my friend had that same lighter.

    it was always hilarious when lighting a bowl at night because all you would see is a big ground hog shooting fire out of his head so you can get high :smoking:
  11. You could probably get one from France.
  12. [​IMG]Beaver Flip Top Lighter

    EBay for the win - $15

    only problem is that these (refillable) Fuel lighters can add alittle taste to your toke, although if your lighting beeline wick with it you get the benifit of both worlds; Something to light your bowl, and a Beaver!

    EDIT: although not an awsome superhero looking beaver with blue rising sun graphic behind it (damm that BIC looks like an awsome beaver)
  13. ^^^ they also torch your bowl wasting the precious commodity.

  14. Bump, anyone know a website possibly? Can't find one in my local area :(
  15. the epic lighters are one of those things that will find you. my girl had the beaver lighter for about 3 months and it was the mascot for a two month road trip. never got ganked or lost because everyone knew who's beaver it was.
  16. Haha my friend had one. They sell them at gas stations here. Just look around. There's a line of Bics with animals on them so if you see a rack with a bunch of animal lighters, you'll likely find it there.

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