Where can i get some seeds ?

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  1. Hello, I am from Slovenia and i want to know where can i get some seeds..not to buy it, if someone can send it to me ?...where can i get people who can send me seeds?...thank you
  2. I don't think you are going to get anyone to send you free seeds here.
    You really should check out www.emeryseeds.com
    they have a very good reputation,and prompt service.
    or you could try www.seedsdirect.com they are very good as well,from what I hear.
    at both sites you can find 10+ seeds for $35 and under-can't beat that.
    Hope that helps you on your mission.
  3. I know where you can get 100 seeds for $20.Not a big strain selection but I have ordered for this guy USA to Canada and it all worked out if your interested email me at dplain420@yahoo.com and I send you the address...only because I dont have it on hand and will get it if you want it...

  4. I strongly, strongly, STRONGLY urge you to go to http://www.emeryseeds.com

    You cant find lots of seeds for under 35$. Infact the cheapest one I belive is 35$ for 10, and it doesnt go under. They had a 50% off sale dureing christmas for some strains, and I bought like crazy. I have probably bought about 2,000$ in seeds from them in th elast few years, for indoor and out. I spent almost 300$ on seeds once to help out a ton of people here that knew I grew outdoors and wanted me to teach them. I had to get them a good strain or my teachings will look like half assed effort ones so I bought the seeds. I helped about a half dozen in total..one had his site found and ripped, one couldnt harvest his plants because they were too big (the sissie, who cares about lugging a 12 foot plant for 2 miles [​IMG]. Two of them just harvested and shared a bit with me because they were small harvests, about 3 plants...he planted 10 seeds but only 3 were female, and the other one had 7 females, but I guess he just didnt want to share any. The other two guys had a very nice harvest of atleast 10 plants. One gave me a pound of Manitoba Durban X Manitoba Poison. The other one has just smoked alot of weed with me, probably a dozen ounces toghter and he gave me 2 ounces so far too for when I went on vacation.

    Anyways, I am rambling here, but for a few hundred dollers I got thousands of dollers in weed in return. granted I had to hike for miles and miles AND MILES, and had to carry stuff like 4 gallon pails of water, huge sacks of dirst and vermiculite and other ferts, not to mention the 12feet african plants that we had to take for harvest....

    Anyways, I am rambling a tad here...go to http://www.emeryseeds.com its all you need to know..they give you a 90% germination rate garuntee, e-mail and phone numbers to call them at for queastions, you can talk to the owner at the Cannabis Culture 'seeds and strains' message board...it is as good as it gets, I promise. Seeds can get VERY pricey, but its worth it....some of my most premium smokes have come from there cheapest seeds, they all come in packages of 10..not much else to say. I stopped sending seeds in the mail because I had some packages intercepted and a tap was placed on all incoming mail, I was warned, I learned, and stopped. I still send mushroom spores through the mail though because they are legal...and peyote plants I get through the mail only if its being sent or coming in from canada, so there isnt any international legal tid-bits coming up.

    Just order some seeds, begging wont work. I know a guy who you can order a few strains through..

    You can get skunk #1 for I believe 5$ a seed, Jack Hearer X Jack Flash (I have JUST harvested this last week, VERY good smoke, recomend it supremely!) for 5$ a seed and wonderbud (nice resin, am growing right now) for 3$ a seed...e-mail me if you are intrested, I will hook you up.


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    -Kurt Cobain
  5. Emery seeds is expensive. Try www.seedsdirect.com. Same seeds, better prices AND he sends you the ORIGANAL seed compnoies seed package. Try him before anyone else just because you get the package.
  6. I got that site in my hand...(a bussiness card) the site is www.geocites.com/usaseeds I got this card when I ordered from him. He does not rip you off. On the card it says, "100 seeds for $20.00!!! I sell NL#5, Kindbud, Whitewidow, Ziggy, humbolt sinsi, bluethunder & jack herer. More starins soon..." at least take a look at the site these are high quality seeds at low price. He is fairly new and I'm sure you will hear about this from someone else as time goes by.He has always pulled threw for me.

  7. I agree, USA Seeds is great. The website is a great source of information, and he has been super at giving me advice thru his Yahoo club (kaptinkronic). He has definately proven to be one of the most knowledgable growers I've encountered so far, present company excluded, or course. [​IMG]

    He has a pretty good selection and the best prices I've seen.
  8. the usa site is not working for me. like im not growing but i got a friend who is starting, hes got 7 seeds he found in some weed he got any way, 100 for $20! thats a good deal

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  10. High :rolleyes:

    I rememberd 1 more site..http://www.bluegrasseeds.com/ :D

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  11. Some time ago I bought some good Swazi and Durban Poison from an African gentleman named Carl .....I believe he now goes by south african seeds or something. I have also bought from Marc and once from BC Seed Co. and had good results with all. But Marc's were the best. :)
  12. If I had to put all my professionalism on one company, it would be Marc. I strongly, strongly recomend buying from him. Also 50% of all the money goes towards marijuana legalisation.
  13. Hey,

    Ive never hade to buy my seeds. people sell them so expensive. id usually find them on the floor at my moms house or my friend would hook them up. seeds are easy to get but bud is easier :D
  14. I can vouch for jonny reeferseed :)
    I have donated a couple hundred seeds my self to them.They are an off shoot of the Seed Swap Club (of wich i am a member)
  15. Hey Whoandi,
    I have been to that seed swap club's site before. I meant to bookmark it but decided to do it later, now I cant find it again...so could you please post the site.

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  16. Bookmarked it right away this time...Thanks alot.

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