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  1. a rubber grippy thing for the bottom of my laptop? You know what I mean, the little oval shaped rubber deal that is like glued on to the bottom of your computer on the corners or where ever that give traction so your laptop doesn't slide around? I lost one of them and now my computer kinda wobbles when I heat the delete button.
  2. almost any electronic store, i would think...
  3. Just buy a new keyboard dude.. Unless you have one of those really expensive gaming keyboards.. then you'll just have to improvise and use something else in place of the missing accessory.
  4. He said it was for his laptop, so don't think replacing that is a reasonable option. I would go to an electronics store and ask. If there is no luck there, I would go to a furniture store, since they put close to the same thing on the bottom of furniture legs so they dont scratch floors. Or if you are super lazy, you could rip off the other three and then at least have symmetry.
  5. dude, just go to an electronics store and take one off the bottom of a laptop thats on display that would fit yours...No harm in doing that, and its better than paying who knows much for something for that miniscule.
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    No, you don't need to do all that.

    If you have one of those gripper helper pads for opening tight lids on jars then just cut a piece off and super-glue it to the keyboard. It's really that simple.
  7. its so simple, that it wasnt worth making a thread about it. just sayin:smoking:

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