Where can I find plus size miniskirts and fishnets?

Discussion in 'General' started by modern-hippy, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. If anyone knows that would be cool.... Wana get my girlfriend a mini skirt and fishnets, but not sure all stores would have that kinda thing in her size... Any big girl clothing stores you can recomend? FYI Im in the los angeles area
  2. i'm pretty confident that the world is better off without huge girls wearing skimpy clothing

    if there's problems finding them perhaps a reason exists

    encourage her to wear them indoors only if you do actually find that they exist.

    ohh man i've got a devious plan

    ask her to lose the weight neccessary to get into a regular sized one

    if she wants to look sexy it will help if she's not overweight
  3. No such place could possibly exist in this realm.

    I'm sorry, OP.

    I guess she'll have to settle with dressing respectable.


    OOOH but she's a dirty girl, so she just comes off as respectful when in actuality, she is a nasty whore. Oh yeah, give it to me.

    I'm just playin' but for real, real clothes = good.

    dont let it get your soul

    do they have plus sizes?
    they've probaby got like fishnet stuff
  5. just get regular sized shit and claim its the latest in skimpy clothing?
  6. Two Words: Body Paint.
  7. Bait & tackle store

  8. I just about died reading all these.

    But everyone said it right, IF you do find a place to buy it.. make sure its only worn indoors. I dont know how many "oversized" women i've seen in walmart/bars/down town that are wearing shit they really shouldn't be.
  9. Why do all of you have to be so ugly? He has a question and if you do not have something nice to say then don't say anything at all. Geez...

    There is one in the mall called Torrid however you might have better luck on-line for something like that. Good for you that you can see the person within instead of only about size. +rep
  10. somebody seriously gave me a red bar for this shit

    i mean come on

    my toung is in my cheek (and i actually gave some advice... i'm sure there have been some overweight people who have bought clothing at hot topic who could verify the existance of big girl clothing... or just folks who have actually been inside the store which i admit i have not)

    would it be all better if i told you i was fat?!?

    well too bad cuz i'm not:devious:
  11. you dont want her to look like a weirdo... get her a mumu.

  12. How about two regular miniskirts

    or sets of fishnets

    sewn together:eek: :hello:
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    Where can i find plus sized miniskirts and fishnets?

    "In a drawer [jesus] where they belong"

    Hoooo Heyyyy nowww

    breakin balls all day (or at least until i have to get back to work!)
  14. u mean drawer. i almost made that same mistake the other day.

    or how about a tarp?
  15. ^ Yeah, if you're in the LA area Torrid is a good place to look. Generally you should be able to find either a Torrid or Hot Topic at a mall somewhere in your city.
  16. I've sometimes found cute fishnets leggings at those stripper/porn shops, as well as any Forever 21/Urban Outfitters (there are a ton of those in Cali). Usually, one-size fits all. But if she's as big as you make her sound, why you would encourage her to dress as such? :D
  17. Wow.... for a people who are a part of a counter-culture, most you sure are eager to reinforce a mainstream view of beauty in a very negative way.

    I'm pretty disappointed. :(
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