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where can i find a dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by davida0829, May 14, 2010.

  1. my question is how can i find a dealer my old one aka best friend compleltly hates me now and wont sell to me *sorta pisses me off cause i coulda got any kinda drug i wanted from this kid*

    i live in the shit hole little town called casper and everyone has contacts but me i droped out of school before i could find any everyone i ask or even begin to think of asking shoots me down and i would just grow but i got no seeds and absolutly no knowledge of how to grow i dont get out much cause i dont got a car and i just am wondering how would i go about finding a new dealer?
  2. well u could invest in books on how to grow and buy some seeds online i would say ask around but guess u already got to that.. so invest in learning how to grow you own dank srry im not much of a help tho:eek:
  3. Basically go to any park, find the basketball courts or anywhere alot of young people chill. Ask a dude where to get weed. There you go.
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    got any friends at the school? go there when it gets out and try to find someone with bud. use your spider senses

    edit; i made this just for you lol
  5. I agree with pure, you probably don't want to go to schools or ask young kids as that could easily result in them tattling on you to police or teachers who of course will turn you in no questions asked. Plus if your out of school, doing that shit on school property will result in SUPER trouble! Best idea is to ask your buddies that know you smoke, ask close friends and if your family does, ask them as well. If you are in america you probably can't order seeds because its ILLEGAL :( I always save seeds especially if they are from a dank pickup. I keep them in an airtight container seperate from my bud. There are trillions of links to easy grow information right here on grass city and if you open your mind to Google - the possibilites are endless. It's not very difficult to grow your own and it saves you a lot of money.
  6. well i mean i could go to any of the high schools around here and find someone i know and i guarantee i could find a measily bag of weed. but of coarse i just have to dial some digits haha. just ask people you know. its not difficult at all
  7. thanks for all the help guys :) i expected to be yelled at by atleast 4 people lol :D any ways i am gonna think of growing i gota few seeds i got from some nugs an i just gota get some florecent lights (cause they are cheap) and i only plan on planting one at a time because still live with my dang parents.....and my dad is only cool with it aslong as its small amounts my mom hates it an my sisters are narks lol but i could care less i am growing :hello:
  8. lol do you live in Wyoming? That sucks I used to live in Green River shit sucked
  9. Dude that's awesome your growing, a few tips. 1) when it starts to sprout up keep a light fan on it to help it build stem strength. 2) Measure your PH 3) Find a good curing method (Search around GC, they have great ones)
    Good luck dude! My dad fucked his seeds up and I still have mine. He was trying to get all up in mine but I was liike "Dad, I can only do this if you let me supervise the grow" I didn't want my grow screwed up. Well, a few days ago dad comes in and tells me hes quit weed and I can't smoke it no more. (I think hes just angry cause hes out and I'm always stocked - oh well) Sorry dad... :rolleyes:
  10. @the blunt truth yea wyoming does suck ass (moving to new york or cali when i get the money)

    @hazardousglow thanks for the tips man they will surely come in handy:) completly new to growing an only 8 months into smoking =] best 8 months i havent been able to rember lol =] and sucks to hear your dad quit just cause he got ownd by his son lol glad to hear you are out stalking your father =] (wish my dad would smoke with me that would make my life way better lol)

    so i gota question my grow space is a closet that is about 5' 2" tall just under 23" wide and 4' 3" across will this be enough for one plant? and if so should i cover the walls in tinfoil? and how would i hide the odor? (my mom gets a lil suspicous when i spray axe or fabresse)

    how many lights should i have?

    thanks all :bongin:gonna go smoke the rest of my stash =] and grasscity so far has been one of the coolest forums i have been to so far no assholes =]
  11. shady kids outside the mall, arcade, etc.
  12. I'm actually a girl :) but if you only have one plant to grow then you can probably get away with using white paper instead of going all out with tinfoil in the closet. For odor you can probably check into using a carbon filter they work well, or make sure the area is well ventilated is important as well.
  13. my bad =] sorry bout that =] but white paper would be a whole lot cheaper then all that tinfoil lol thanks for that tip :hello:. kinda a dumb question but is the ventalasion for the plants health or for the odor? (sorta got my windows taped up so my blacklight works in the day lol and so i can sleep in the day):D

    can i get a carbon filter at home depo?

  14. yeah, this seems like an okay time to tell someone that they probably shouldn't be smoking weed

    especially when you droped out
  15. That is your opinion. Altho i wasnt smoking when i dropped out it it was because my friends did so i decided fuck school honestly stupid decison the GED course sucks ass who woulda guessed lol:confused: but whatever i get a bottle of vodka for graduating from that =] (even tho i hate drinking)
  16. Ventilation is important because it carries the old used carbon dioxide away from the plant and lets in fresh life giving oxygen (which is what you want). A crack in the window should suffice. But still check PH levels to make sure that the plant is getting adequate oxygen and carbon. Also you'll want to get some ferts you can pick up at the home depot or lowes wherever, there is a specific ratio for weed, you'll have to find it on GC cause I don't feel like looking for it right now :rolleyes: But, basically for starters

    • Lights
    • Pots
    • Seeds
    • Ferts
    • Soil (duh!)
    • Fan
    And you should be ready to go for your first grow. Gauge the temps and PHs i can't stress this enough!
  17. I dropped out of high school and then I went to college. I would've graduated but in my senior year I got 2 disabilities. I encouraged my kids to drop out if they wanted to and they all 4 got their GED's. 3 are in college now. It's not like it's a death sentence or something. Just something our society highly values that we don't.

    Don't let anyone tell you your choice was ill made. you have the right to do what you want.

  18. thanks for the list Hazard =] will come in complete handy :D and thank you Sammy =] i have gotten sick of being called a stupid a** for droping out when i woulda ended up in jail if i didnt lol =] finaly someone who understands :hello: .

    btw asked my dad if he would mind if i grew didnt sound like he would get angry he would just be pissed if the cops raided our house or my mom found it he sais he would just throw it away (better then having my dad upset at me)

    thanks all that have answerd =] will come in handy and hazard thanks for all the help =] and sammy thanks for understanding that some people just arnt made for school =]
  19. i work at gillettes home depot and i have never seen a carbon filter.

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