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Where can I buy Cheeba Chews In Canada?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by JRE1234, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Seriously... Canada is an edible wasteland. Can't find anything around here. Any ideas? I've been wanting to try edibles for a while now.

  2. Id like to know this as well. Subbed

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  3. Anyone???
  4. Why not just make your own?
    Cheeba chews are great and all but it's really not much different than home made cookies, brownies, etc.
    They're just sold for people who want it for convenience.
    It's always a possibility... but i'm one of the people that want them for conveniance lol.
    Also, the ones i want to buy are the CBD chews and i doubt i can find bud that has low THC on the black market!
  6. true. If you vape your bud, you can use the AVB as it'll have most of its THC content gone and mostly CBD left. You can probably even do a better job of making it like that if you can control the temperature on the vape.
    How do you vape weed? do you need a vaporizer? I don't mean to sound ignorant, i just dont' know how
  8. hmmm? You have to heat the bud in the right temperature to vaporize the THC crystals. No direct heat touching the bud.

    Might want to invest in a decent . vaporizer and start saving up AVB little by little :)

    Or you can put ground up bud on a oven safe plate and heat it at 350f for 30-40 min. Till it turns golden brown. But that's a waste of all that THC.
    I think i'll just move to California, haha
  10. Vapes are a great investment, reduces bud consumption and harmful effects of smoking on the lungs. Check out the vaporizer section for more info :)

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