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where can i buy a toro bong?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by drummersince99, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. i have been looking to buy a toro bong for a long time. i am looking to spend about $600-800. where can i buy a toro? i am located in portland or, sacramento ca, and LA ca.
  2. Try Tahoe/Chico Kush for some real nice glass.
  3. thanx. tahoe would work, my sacramento house is 1-1.5 hours away. do i go and order it through the shop or do they have some is stock?

    i also heard toro is not doing custom tubes right now but is there any hope for getting a custom one or are they to busy?
  4. also in the bay check out big al's
  5. jp doesn't do custom orders anymore.
  6. They don't do custom orders per say, but there are a wide array of Toro's out there. You can pick up a basic 8/13 arm fixed stem for 7-900 depending on where you live. If you want something more "custom" (Banjoro, or other collab) it's going to run you 1-2k but it definitely wont dissapoint. Good hunting.
  7. kind creations does custom pieces and im pretty sure they ship it out. correct me if im wrong.
  8. that sounds good. i think i might get a custom one, ill go take a look at some toros at big als and see what they have.

    im looking for an inline bong like the ones in the pics below with atleast 1 perc

  9. +1 for Big Al's
  10. #10 BigTrees, Mar 25, 2009
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    Though its frugging savage i'd probably stay away from the second bong down in the pictures. Is it even possible for something like that to be stable? (although the more i look at it the heavier it looks toward the bottom of the tube. could that [odd base] perhaps have come from a mistake? a coool mistake?

    Toro is some of the best.

    I havnt met a dissatisfied owner yet.
  11. just so you know, if you're looking for something like that from toro you're probably going to need more than 6-800...i think all the inlines i've seen by toro have been over a grand
  12. crazy true

    that thing's gotta be getting close to a bill

    glass prices (especially as they get higher) were meant to be marked down a tick to a good bit after some haggling

    be respectful
    but try and work out a deal that satisfies both parties needs
  13. Yeah I have haggled for paintings before I can imagine the same goes for glass art
  14. anywhere online i can buy one of these?

  15. yes there are 3 sites that I know of.

  16. help me out? post some? or PM .. i tried google but couldnt find one

  17. negative ghost rider :eek:
  18. You're such a tease... ;) They're not that hard to find guys... I'm pretty sure everyone here that knows of these sites found out on GC even though we're not allowed to post links.

  19. sinsemilla please ;) i'm no tease. anyways he is pretty much right. I have found many sites to get highend glass from on my own. Its not that hard really.

    PullKelt all day baby !!!!!!!!!
  20. i want one too but FL sucks...thats why i wanna move to Cali
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