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Where can i buy a scale?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hiddenclowns, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Read title, and please dont sya online cause i cant get one online. And how much do they cost
  2. local headshop. between $15-45
  3. I bought a digital scale from a flea market once for $20.
  4. A headshop. But if you don't have one-

    Staples or an office supply store.
  5. around here alot of gas stations like corner stores and indian/asian owned stores (no-offense) but a good scale is $100-$175 there alot more acurate and can uasully weigh alot more just research before you buy
  6. If you wanted to get the most for your money, get it online. Sure you said no online, but why not buy a visa prepaid gift card and use it online?

  7. Maybe he lives with his parents.
  8. hobby shops have them as well.

  9. So what? The packages are unmarked and in his name, as long as they don't open it he's good.

  10. Some parents are sketchy about that. Especially if he's been caught ordering paraphanelia online before. We don't know the circumstances.

    But even so, he doesnt want to order online like he said in the origional post.
  11. at a headshop... which i'm sure youd know of because youve been to one because youre 18...

    just poking :smoking:

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