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  1. So i'm 20 years old, still living at home with my rents. My older sister and two brothers were all out of the house before they were even 19. I was always the good kid (never got caught doing anything stupid:cool:) so my parents completely don't mind me staying home. I work 30 hours a week and go to school full time at a local community college.

    I have toyed with the idea of moving out plenty of times but I don't know exactly what i want to do or when i want to do it. Two of my good friends recently proposed the idea of getting a place together, a 3 bedroom place. They want to do this within a month or two. I have no idea how my parents will react and i'm hesitant about talking to them about it haha. I do feel like it's time that i get out on my own though, it'd be fucking great to have all the freedom... especially being able to smoke whenever i want and come home completely baked :smoke:

    I just wanted to ask though, what are your current living situations? When did you move out of your house? When do you plan on moving out? how did you decide on who to move in with? and any tips for someone like myself who wants to move out?

    happy toking!
  2. Finish school then move in with friends or something

    sides the economy sucks anyway just stay home
  3. Fuck that if you can handle school and work, get an apartment, there is nothing better in this life then having your own place and making your own rules!
  4. at home with the rents here too. just turned 20. not much longer tho, looks l ike i may have gotten a promotion today.. if so, i am going to save up some serious loot and then find a place. probably on my own if i can, so i dont have to count on roommates or cover for them if they bounce. make sure you have loot saved up, and make sure you can really trust your roommates. thats what everyone tells me who moved out already, besides "stay home as long as you can!!!!!!!"
  5. Working on 20 and I'm still at home with my parents. I just don't see me being able to make it on my own right now. Wasn't able to the first time. My friends are a bunch of money-blowing morons, so I don't think living with them would be too easy.
  6. im almost 19 i moved out for about 6 months then lost my job. Couldn't afford rent so i had to move back in with my rents. They dont mind as long as i can find a job soon.
  7. I'm 18, unemployed, and live with my parents. Once I get a job and some money saved up, I'm gonna move out as soon as possible.

    That's more because I hate my parents though. If I got along with them, I'd stay with them for a few more years.
  8. I hate my parents. so I finished highschool in 3 years. Moved into the dorms at CU. And here I am :) haappy as fuck I left home as fast as possible.

    Fuck living with my parents, fuck their bullshit.

  9. Dude im always up in the dorms at cu, especially baker. I might be goin there next year (break year from highschool)
  10. I just moved from NJ to Florida and into my own apartment, and I couldn't be happier. I'm still furnishing it with loads of Ikea stuff (already got a sweet converting sofa-bed and HDTV w/ PS3), but i've got enough that it really feels like home. Believe it or not, i've been here about 3 weeks and I haven't smoked at all. Mainly because all the money i've got I need to use on rent, utilities, food, and gas. I'm still looking for a job but I have a few leads so hopefully i'll be working within a week or two. Once I get working and earn some money the first thing i'm gonna do is buy a bong and some bud and light up on my balcony (which has a sweet view btw, top floor of my complex, overlooks a pond and forest, with some palm trees on the side). Since I haven't smoked yet, it really hasn't set in that I can come home high as holy hell and not worry about running into my parents. Or I can smoke on my couch while watching some blu-rays without caring about the smell, then get up and make myself tons of munchies.

    Well... that turned out to be just a lot of bragging :hello:. Sorry I can't help it, i've gotta stress to everyone how awesome it is to be living on your own. If you get the opportunity to do so, DO IT!!
  11. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with my two cats. I signed the lease the day after my 18th birthday. I'd been seriously looking through classifieds since I was 13, just to get an idea of what I was really getting myself into.

    I also work about 30 hours a week, and go to community college full-time. I live very comfortably, which means I can afford all the dope and other drugs that I wish, on top of all the other necessities for living (including a car). I suggest highly that you take out a certain amount of money a week for an occasional meal out, dope, liqour, entertainment, whatever you feel like, and don't take out anymore beyond that. Use your debit card for the important things like rent, food, clothes, and gas or bus fare.

    When my lease is up, I plan on moving into a house with 2 or 3 friends just to get costs down a little. Sharing a house is definitely the way to go. Then everyone chips in on internet, cable, food, rent, etc. so there's less cost overall involved for everyone.

    Edit: I also suggest that you save up a good chunk of money before you move so you have somewhat of a cushion.
  12. Just graduated from high and im 19. I have a full time job and a car. I could move out if I didn't have my car payment and issurance. If i get promoted soon then I will be out of my hourse.
  13. ^^^ I hope it made sense.
  14. I'm 21, the spouse and I live with my rents currently. We could have kept staying in our old apartment but we decided to move in with them for a year to save money and pay down debts. Trying to work towards buying a house in the next 5 years. My parents are cool though. We have a nice setup in our new room going. Feels like a dorm :p

    Smoking isn't a problem either. As long as we keep the smell on the down low they don't care.
  15. I'm happy as fuck just being in the dorms with a (random) roommate, even though he isn't that cool. Next summer I might get an apartment instead of moving back home. And then hopefully getting a house with a few roommates next year at school. Not sure I could ever live at home again after my parents caught me so much smoking. Out of sight out of mind am I right baby? They ain't gonna be like "He's smoking everyday" if they miss me. I can handle my shit and still enjoy life and thats all they need to know @_@
  16. At the moment I get to chill in a 4 bedroom house with 4 roomates. One is a couple that only occupies one room, and the other two are some buddies I met last year in the dorms. (One being my roommate in the dorms, who was picked at random)
    I work about 30 hours a week now that school has started.

    I'm not really on my own though, my parents help pay for school and my car insurance. But I pay our bills and my part of the rent.

    I got to find out what the real world was like this past summer. Working 40+ hours a week with two part-time jobs. Hopefully that will motivate me to do well in school so the rest of my life isn't like that...

    I fucking love having my own house. I couldn't stand living with my parents.
  17. I'm 20 and work full time currently because I can't afford school. I am still a registered student at CSU though and I'll be back full time for the spring semester.

    I rent a house with a few buds, it's pretty cheap. I work all weak and party all weekend and I have a lot of money to spend now, so much I'm not sure what to do with it. I'll prolly end up spending it on school but I really don't think it's worth it right now. Might as well work as much as you can first.
  18. How ironic life is.

    I am also 20 years of age, currently living with my parents as well.

    Been thinking about dropping 30k on a shtbag house in the projects, but am comfortable where I am currently. Call me an agoraphoric I suppose.

    I have a day job, they call it daytrading. I call it legal theft.
    Maybe next year I will drop 3 Mill on a beach house in cali or miami.
    Time will tell.

    Trading hours 7am to 8pm, forex all day.

    Say hello to the haters for me.

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