Where are you in Life?

Discussion in 'General' started by petrified, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. Hey u guys, I guess life is many roads, all with their own beginings and ends.
    But what journey are you currently travelling on?
    I was just wondering where everyone is at in their life process...
    I guess you can break it down to 7 catagories.

    In School
    At University/College
    Married With Children
    Kids at University

    Would be phat if everyone could fill in poll just to see wot stage of evolution the ppl on this form are


    as to my self...hehe...still at university...and by the way things are now, i never want to leave!

  2. in school
  3. married with children
  4. I'm a single bum!
  5. i think you'd need a lot more categories up there because most people are more complex than that
  6. Right now I am in between High School and College and working full time.
  7. Im somewhere between going to school and married. Im not married but could be. Hmm is there a goal, retirement, early grave? Mid life crisis. ie: 'im in the mid life crisis period of my life'


  8. representing the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario Canada. 3rd year computer science major

    having a grand ol time :)
  9. high school- 10th grade! almost done though. and so fucking single right now!!!! and no children (yet)

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