Where Are We At With Yeast Cannabis...?

Discussion in 'General' started by Vee, Jun 2, 2019.

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    As reported back in 2015 researchers from the Technical University of Dortmund in Germany
    have outlined in the journal Biotechnology Letters how they looked into which genes the marijuana
    plant uses to produce THC, and then engineered those genes into their yeast.
    They then fed a cocktail of specially chosen molecules to the yeast,
    and it essentially 'poops' out the THC.

    As of right now everyone involved is on holiday?

    any updates anyone..?

    Scientists Engineer Yeast to Produce Active Marijuana Compound, THC

    4 years later I had hoped to have bought in a kit at a good cost
    and be replacing all my well used grow gear ...lol

    and be growing my bread, beer and weed in the same spare bedroom ....lol
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  2. This is Doughp.
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  3. Where's the concern about GMOs?
  4. Indeed ED.. last week I had a serious 'debate' as to Autoflowers are being a GMO?

    tho the same family as indica and sativa

    Ruderalis carries the autoflower gene hence the modification..?

    but as for frog semen and other strange stuff dainasor tree sap? I know not
  5. no GMO. The oil is separated and purified. We don't eat the yeast. Many modern pharmaceuticals are made this way.
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  6. Just guessing here, but maybe its an ethanol extraction. would dissolve the THC and let the yeast float.
    Total guess tho.
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