where are the stickies for vegging, flowering, info on when to add nutes ???

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  1. Is there a stickie that has a breakdown of:

    1.Vegging info
    2.when to add vegging nutes*(do autos need nutes during vegging or is FFOF enough ?)
    3.Floweing info
    4.when to add flowering nutes

    thank you
  2. I haven't found one, but I agree that we need one. It would be extremely helpful. *hint hint* ^_^
  3. where da stickies at ?
    come on!
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    Have any more specific questions? I could maybe write somethin up. Or try this thread: http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/73015-grandpas-grow-guide.html
  5. There are allot of variables it would be tough to write that...
    generally in soil ffof is enough to get you thru most of veg..

    Flowering nutes should be introduced when you switch your light schedule to 12/12..

    what flowering info do you need...

    BTW... with autos you dont have to change light schedule they flower prety much from the start...

    With some reading here in the city you should be able to get the info your looking for.


  6. NO, no specific questions you answered all mine with great speed.

    But If you get the time I would like to see something written up on general info about nutes for regular indicas and auto indicas. :yay: that way I will have a guidline to always come back to.

    I read that link a while back it does not talk about vegging nutes only flowering nutes, unless I didnt understand it, but it does not say Vegging Nutes anywhere.

  7. These sites are hard to control. Information get scattered all over the place. The site has been around for a long time too. Unfortunately we're dealing with a bunch of potheads too. Stickies are something that need to be controled by the moderators and shouldn't allow posts. I hate reading a thread where the guy's putting on a decent show and a cat fight breaks out.

    Then there are company secrets. Maybe not as much among the average grower but with seed banks and pofessionals. I saw a list of E-books on growing, and a few guides around here. I have a few books I'm going to pass on. One is a good read, the other not so good.

    But you're right, there should be a subsection that covers those things. It might help to clear up the boards and cut down on all the "How do I plant a seed" threads. I wouldn't know whos informatino is the right ino. Every grow here has their own way of doing things and try to stand by it so they can "dial in" their grows for max yield, plant size and potentcy. Then there's organic versus non-organic.

    Great Question though.
  8. vegging nutes are rarely needed in soil.. ( as has already been said)

    and there is no one size fits all guidelines for growing cannabis.....

    and if you want one to check ..then start a journal...that will have the best info for your grow. and the most accurate "list of guidelines" for you, will be your own, that applies to your strain , medium, and style of grow choices.....

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    I agree there is way to many threads, asking the same question by someone else every 2 days.
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    what auto indica strains grow in less light ?

    like for example this strain Purple Power if you read short link you will see what I mean in the 4th paragraph of the description. I know its advertising but thats why I come to ask what others ?

  11. i really dont have a clue about autos..
    i know some guys grow them here in the city but i cant think of any names..
    it was new to me that they grow in the shade..lol
    in my experience the best buds are always the ones getting the most light.
    when growing in soil you have to just watch the plants and take care of them accordingly..
    if a nute schedule was created it would have to be soil specific..imo...
    now hydro.,..i can give ya that..the variable isnt there...
    you ask ur questions here and ill answer them guys...
    best i can, if its somthing pertaining to soil i dont know, i can tell ya who to talk to ..
    Growing great smoke is an art.. the reason its a art is because of the variables..as you grow ull learn to listen to the plants.. this is when you cross the line and become a great grower..imo
    there are so many great growers and just downright great people here that you really cant mess up ur grow unless you dont listen..
    start a journal and a grow..you will have a record to refer to and all the help you want...I invite all of you to my thread...join in...lets have some fun and get some more growers in the grove growing and enjoying the best pot around..No street smoke can compare...

    sry..I guess i went off there:eek::D:smoke:
  12. ohhh ok .. ..hey if your looking for an auto purp ..try purple jems from lowryder, sorry no fems...have not grown em yet,but have an order due to come in the next few days with a pack added.. so a journal for the City is a must....

    and use the FFoF ( or Happy Frog with a touch of perlite added for killer results).. with out any added ferts... may add sweeteners lightly till trichs start to turn if you want ( I wouldn't till a few grows in though) ..

    having 1-2 "ryders" in the grow is going to become a staple for me, it looks like.. just for added flavor, and they are friggin fun !

    But they will never out do a good momma and clones for strength, and yield..why?well it is a two part answer.

    1.Ruderalis : Cannabis Ruderalis is the work horse of the Cannabis line. It is used to make fibers for ropes, & fabrics( matter of fact Canvas is a play on Cannabis ;) ). you see Hemp ( Ruderalis common name) grows really tall with little branching, allowing for long fiber that add strength. so Hemp tends to grow lanky plants that, if they do get to bud stage, will have almost no "buds" per say, making for little to no yield. Also it is not known for its medical attributes ( low THC)..kinda important that one :rolleyes:

    2. you will get a rapport much quicker with the one plant then you will get using seeds every crop..not saying a good relationship using seeds is not possible ..matter of fact if you do that then you are probably breeding and your knowledge of the strain will outweigh each individual plant, but that takes years.

    I remember when they first showed up I was active on Marcs forums back then .and I scoffed..A BUNCH..the I smoked some ... didn't believe.. then I grew some ..and went "hey" :smoke: it would seem some time and effort by a few enterprising breeders has payed off ...

  13. No, I m not looking for purple strains that was just an example of one strain that grows in less light, Im looking for a beginner friendly indica auto strain that is stealth and decent potencty and that will do well in 8 hrs of direct sunlight from sunup to 4:00 pm.
  14. then any thing from Lowryder......

  15. I might grow pakistan ryder from world of seeds
    Pakistan Ryder I been reading bad about lowryders.

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