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  1. so here is the deal i have posted a few threads and never got anwsers did i do something wrong? i was just needing a little advice on some things and now its to late and i am just going to try something i have never read about or seen any where. since i was growing hydro, and the roots never really developed thin because the light was hitting where the roots would grow out. 6 inch rock wool they never grew out of it the plants are about three feet tall. they are from clones and i kept them small. so the buds are very small and about half a week left till 8 weeks so i was going to cut the main top colas and other buds that look ok cut them all the same size guessing half of what they are now. plant them in fox farm ocean veg till i see some decent new growth and flower again. i have read about flowering more thatn once with the same plant just not like this. o yeah and im going to go with organic food this time and what do you think. will shock the plants to much and they die, or just a little the the buds will fill out and be a better plant.

    i was wanting to buy a new hps 400w light bulb and was wondering is there that much difference in buying a actual, well like a hortiluxe bulb verse a bulb from lowes. other than the price i know that the light colors are a little different so would that make all the difference or not thx if you stop by to read the thread and i might post some pics of what i am doing to show whats going to happen.:wave:
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    Make sure you have the ballast that fires your new bulb.....the bulbs you can get at Lowe's and HD will work, but are not horticulture grade. They will not just screw into a regular light socket and work.

    Sorry you haven't been able to get any help.....I know that you can re-veg plants, there are some threads on here that detail it. I don't know if you can re-pot your RW into soil, but I also don't see why not. I would use the search function and read up on re-vegging. I wish you all the best......good luck.
  3. hey chunk thx for that and the other problem is when i started growing not like it was that long ago but i bought soome lights off of craigslist and they turned out to be rebuilt ballast. it has the right size for the lights to screw in. so if it screws in it will work? Right?

    when i started cloning i was using rockwool thinking im going to stay with hydro sytem but i didnt and some of the clones i planted the rw in the dirt and they seem to be fine so far i heard its not good for long term. so you think that will work to make bigger buds because these are not what i have gotten in the past almost positive its because of the light hitting the roots. well again thx for the advice.

    any one else have any input on the lights and hydro to soil
  4. As long as it's an MH ballast for an MH bulb or HPS for HPS. If you have an HPS ballast, The one ballast won't fire the other bulb, unless it's a digital ballast. I have a friend that used a Home Depot HPS light bulb and it worked just fine. His light fried on a weekend and he lives 40 miles from the Hydro Shop, and needed a light in a pinch. His girls are 4 weeks into flower and looking great. I think he only paid about 21-22 bucks for the bulb also so it's paid off for him. It's preferable to have a Hortilux or similar horticulture bulb, but when in a pinch...............anyways, hope this helps ya bro, and congrats on your success so far...

    BTW......as for cloning, you can start your clones in RW and move them to hydro or soil from there as long as they're showing roots. I like to use Rapid Rooters.......I've had great success with them, I can move them from clone tray to soil, bubblebucket and recently to some Hempy buckets, so I've got all my choices covered with one rooting medium.


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