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where are all the females?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. i wanna see all the females and if u got pics send them cause then we will name this thread bud babes! lol
  2. this is a pic of an ak47 female....TOO SECXY!!!! :D

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  3. beautiful bud but i mean like the really thing that u know is real girl not a plant damn LOL

  4. Made me get hard!:)
  5. hey guys! im a female! but yea i can't figure out how to put my pic on! so if someone could tell me! well later on!
  6. im smokin TONS OF f00kin weed today, then im goin ice skatin with this HOT ass girl, she looks like a mini avril lavigne with bigger tits \o/. its gonna be so fun! wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  7. lmao!!!!
  8. no shit, but shes still hot ;(
  9. no shes not shes the fakest shit known to man! i try to dress punk and say im punk but i sing like a fucking pussy
  10. avril lavigne: the girl who played dixie chicks covers before an agent found her and remade her. not a poser?!

    anyway, chick here. more of a tomboy but hey, i count coz i don't have one of those... things ;)

    lol :D
  11. more of a tomboy, huh. btw, what's considered bay area? do you have to see the beach from your window?

    hey, avril's too dumb, lets hope your girl doesn't turn out to be like her, stylez. and uh, i'm thinking maybe smaller boobs fit in more with avril's kinda face, but i could be wrong. send us a picture to drool over.
  12. got some, gettin em on the net'd be a prob but i'll try. belive me..the tits look nice ;)

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