where and what can i get

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  1. where and what can i get to make and design some of those computerized pictures i see posted. what program do i need and where can i get them.. Thanks
  2. Photoshop is the top of the line graphics program. It's not cheap tho. I'd reccoment buying it, but thats because I think it was worth it. It's ~$600 for the full version, but if you are a student you could get a major discount (Probably down to 200 range).

    Of course you could always be cheap and look for/download it on the internet, but that's illegal ;) :p
  3. Just buying an expensive piece of software is usless if you dont know what your doing. I suggest taking a class somewhere that can help teach computer graphic design... Then after you find out how good you are at it, decide whether or not to buy that expensive peice of software.. or download it illegally ;)

  4. Or if you play around with it long enough you eventually figure stuff out. That's what I did.
  5. I'd download the trial version. You can't save pictures, but you can get a feel for it and figure out if you like it.

    And don't take classes, unless you plan on doing this professionally. The internet is a great tool.
  6. ok i finally got photshop 7.0 but im having trouble using it. I can seem to make anything good, everthing i try to make looks like somthin made from microsoft paint.is ther any website that can help me learn about this stuff, cuz im not having to much luck just messin around wiht it.
  7. I personally work with an ink/photoshop combo. If you tell me what you're having trouble with, mebbe I can help. :)
  8. THanks....i think im gettin a hang of some of the stuff. i really like this program.Ill try to make somthin good and ill post some pics.
  9. how can i post a pic on this board?
  10. aihgt heres my first pic, i welcome any comments good or bad. tell me your honest opinions.

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  11. i would also recommend bryce,and poser.very simple to use.im self taught.ive been at this for about 2 years and love every minute i can spare for it.photoshop is a lifesaver.
  12. can someon make some comments please, i can take it if i suck it was the frist picture i ever made adn i just want to see what everyone thinks

  13. I don't really like the background, but I really like what you did with the text. :)
  14. aihgt what do u think of this?

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