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When you're high...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JRR Tokin', Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Do you ever feel really productive?

    Like, for example, last week i went home from my buddy's house, after smoking a spliff after school, got straight into my room and tidied up the room which i had been meaning to do, like got everything proper organised and shit.
    Then i sat down at my desk, did this history essay thing which i had been putting off, had it done in 40 minutes and it was actually enjoyable to do!

    I loved it! I felt so positive about the world, school, my life, everything.

    Was weird.

    Anyone else ever feel this way after smoking?

    Or is it just me?

  2. Sometimes happens to me. I just get the in the mindset to work really hard and get to the point of chillin in my bed about tog o to sleep. And everythign needs to be perfect..

  3. ya i get stoned almost everyday before work (I work at a pool/marina supply wearhouse thing) and whenever im stoned i work really hard and do a good job but when im not stoned i realize how shitty the job is and i dont do a good job at all.
  4. You must have your hands on a nice sativa strain. Its mostly indica around here now, which means after I smoke, its sit around, not get anything done, kind of high...
  5. Yeah i get that sometimes, more than often actually. I enjoy it because it puts me in a good mood so whatever i do its calmed down and more easy/enjoyable to do. Helps me to concentrate too
  6. smoking makes me feel really productive, as long as i have something to do.

    if there's nothing to do, i will lay back and let my laziness and the bud take over and just enjoy the high.

    but sometimes i'll smoke and just feel like cleaning all of my pieces, or something like that and, like you said, it is enjoyable to get things done. makes you feel better that you were productive today.
  7. Heck yeah smoke a nice sativa and it is off to work. I tear up my entire shift after smoking and smoking on every break.
  8. Not really, I never really want to do anything when I'm high. Thats why I force myself to do things before hand. I'll be like "Today when I get home, I cant smoke untill I clean up/do some push-ups/whatever."
  9. Yeah if it's some nice sativa then I definately get productive. Never physically, but like, I write a lot more and do homework or whatever.
  10. Haha, I've had a fair share of times where I'd smoke a bowl and feel jumpy like I'm on the top of the world. I think it feels real good too.

    I usually work out though whenever I get those jumpy high feelings. It gives me that extra boost of energy.
  11. When im high..i just stay high....
  12. I have came home at like 3 in the morning high and cleaned my room. I always clean my room when im high. I like things clean when im high, I dont know why. I think i just analyze things way more.
  13. Yeh like if I have a list of things I need to do around the house and then I get baked I don't even think twice about doing them, I just do
  14. everything down here is indica so i usually just lay around and i dont get shit done. So i tell my self i can't smoke until everything i have to do is done.
  15. i dunno what it is about smoking but whatever i smoke im productive/hyper ... i can never just chill out.. all my friends say i always freak out but its just the way i am i guess :|
  16. Aha, true dat!

    I feel like i need to complete everything fully and perfectly and analyse every detail, whereas when im not stoned i cut corners, and do things half-assed.
  17. It happened to me today...I got high at work and figured some shit out
  18. I'm really pissed off right now because I cant buy my sack.

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