When you're high.

Discussion in 'General' started by ptownroll, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. When I'm high I realize shit, all the problems i have and come up with solutions to fix them. For example I'm pretty rude to my dad. It's a bad habit I'm honestly trying to fix but when I'm high I'm just the nicest son ever to him. I offer him things and do things without needing to be asked and last night I offered to watch a movie at home with him which is something he enjoys.

    I dont know if there's a similar thread but i just wanted to share this for some reason. feel free to post anything on you're mind! Good vibes.
  2. You got to fix shit when sober,then celebrate with some grams ^.^

    You don't want to become a douche or an asshole when sober don't you?youll regret it.so try to handle it when sober:3
  3. ye. always get yo shit taken care of before you get high
  4. yo yea, def. When im high i assort all my problems and try to find solutions for them. I always call it a brain reset, filter out the unimportant from important.

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