When You Run Out Of WEED!

Discussion in 'General' started by Frosty Bowls, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. So recently I ran out of flower and scraped every crack of my grinder for every bit of keef I had.

    What is the most desperate or craziest thing you've done for weed?
  2. Heard some people like to scrape the tar from their pipes and smoke it.. disgusting & unhealthy as shit. Just buy more flower when your out or smoke less. My pipe also just broke so I've been using a banana until my new bubbler comes in the mail. Im super excited to use it!!

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  3. I can't remember the last time I ran out.

    People have thrown weed at me while passin' by in cars, I've never wanted for anything.:coolalt:
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  4. I guess go through the ashtray with some tweezers

    ehhh what are ya gonna do
  5. If you are a regular smoker that smokes everyday , no new can hit you as hard as this :)
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  6. I remember cleaning pipes for the resin, back in the day...

    The high was always short lived, and put one in a bad mood. :confused_2: Better to just buy alcohol.
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  7. He walks amongst us!

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  8. LOOL if he has other plans i urge him to change them so i'll continue to walk longer :D
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  9. I once took all my roaches, peeled the leaf off and rolled them all together in a blunt. It was horrible, but it got me incredibly stoned.
  10. Lol just like op, Sept I even dusted the bottom of my jars too.got enough for a solid hash/Leif rip.

    I got half way through the rip and coughed it all up, not even enough to get high off of and that was my last hit.
  11. Coinstar + 15 miles round trip of skateboarding adventure = 1 gram of Purple Kush and 1,200 calories burned.

    Results are amazing.
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  12. At a low point I actually paid people for weed...really I'm not messing around. I know thats desperate and hard to believe I actually handed them cash, they handed me weed. Crazy shit

    Thankfully that's all behind me now....
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  13. In about 1974 I decided I'd never be without weed again and I haven't been. It wasn't hard just buy in bulk, don't sell, and don't brag about how much pot you have. Keep your eyes open for the next deal way before you're out. Plus you save money.
  14. Eh when I'm out I dust everything with a clean toothbrush.... and after dusting everything I run ISO through my grinder and it cleans off all the kief that was smushed on the edges and whatnot. Just drain the mixture on a plate let it dry overnight and scrape it up with a razor...

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  15. For a week I lived off the bits of resin i got out of my glass bong. It was horrible. I can't smoke from a bong now. My throat won't let me :(

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  16. Scraped resin.

    Ah and sucked donkey dick at some growers farm for an extra nug.. That's about it tho nothing to crazy

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  17. Once I smoked a joint I found on the ground outside my apartment building. Kinda nasty but hey it got my high, desperate times call for desperate measures :love-m3j:
  18. If you live in a illegal state like me smoke out of bowls!!!!! Cuz getting bud can be tricky to come across some times. With bowls you can always get rezz. Run about a half oz though your pipe and you'll have a 1 gram Rez ball that you can hit about 10-20 times. I smoke about 3.5-5 G's aday and I can get stoned about 3-5 times off one big rezz ball

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  19. Taste like crap but still does the trick lol

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  20. Found a pack of cigs in the Walmart parking lot and when I opened it it had 2 joints in it got me stoned as fuck I swear it had some crack in it or something. Never picked up a pack of random cigs again....

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