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When You Last Blazed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sebadoh, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. And what you did.
    Smoked a bong with some friends about five minutes before 4:20 and I am thinkin about packing up again to the head and having a good time listenin to some music.
  2. Last time I blazed was about an hour ago. Smoked two bowls of dank and listened to some Dead with my girlfriend.
  3. last time was a bowl of some dank last night around 8 after i finished some homework. unfortunately, thats gonna be the last time for a couple of days, its time for a short t-break. plus i just spent 200 bucks on my phone and some shoes, so i dont feel responsible buying weed till at least a few more days or another paycheck.
  4. Finished what was left in my pipe from last night this morning before work, just a couple rips of some dank. But now I'm off and about to go to a friends so we can get baaaaaked.
  5. Almost 3 hours ago, still pretty blown :hello:
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    Last time I blazed was last night around 10 pm. I got a new connect with some straight fire haze.. Its picture worthy so I'm gonna try and take a pic with my sisters camera.

    [Edit] Pic added! [​IMG]

    I used a Royal Blunt: Flavorless wrap (they burn longer, try it!).

    Hopped in my spaceship (Dodge Intrepid) and turned up the system and hit some deserted back roads.

    It was a fun time, my car is the perfect burn cruise car. Its comfy like a couch, its huge, its fast, and its got an Infinity sound system with a 12" sub.

    Gonna do a repeat tonight ;)
  7. Last night.

    Tonight after work will be the next.
  8. This afternoon at 4pm ripped 3 bowls from a home made bong of mine, then went out to play some footy (soccer for you americans) pretty cool
  9. last time i blazed bout hour and half ago and i chilled on here =)
  10. i last blazed the saturday before last. we smoked a blunt and hit a bong. but sadly, that monday i came down with the swine flu. cus one of tha dudes i blazed with was just startin to get sick.(i didnt know it at the time obviously) so yea its almost been 2 weeks now and im tryin to get some bud, but having trouble at the moment.
  11. Damn yo, that bud looks NICE.
  12. Last night ^_^

    Chilled with my best friends, smoked a joint full of dank, and then a few bowls of the same fire.

  13. Thanks man, it's prob some of the best I have ever had...

    I went from smoking mids for 2 weeks to this.... It all revolves around who you know. Last time I smoke mids, thats for sure :smoking:
  14. About 5 minutes ago. Got home from classes, naped, waterfalls:smoking:
  15. i just smoked a few bowls outta this homemade chillum, bout to smoke a few more

    1st time getting high in 3 months:hippie:
  16. june 1, probation sucks
  17. about 5 hours ago and watched the tigers lose:smoking:
  18. 5 minutes ago, packed a steamroller bowl of NY Diesel. Shit's niiice
  19. yesterday before work.
    2 bowls of dank between 3 people
  20. Me and some friends just smoked a dub of some dank ass lemon kush :)

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