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When you have a smoke sesh what do you prefer one method?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by B33PB33P, May 13, 2011.

  1. Whenever I smoke I like to stick with whatever I smoke first, If its a bong i'll only take bong hits, if its a joint its joints all day.

    I feel like everyone gives its own high, I do like mixing blunts and bongs probaly the only combination I like it sends me into outer space! :smoke:

    So what do the people on GC prefer? I believe this belongs in seasoned because apprentice wont be able to tell the difference between highs
  2. I do em all, all the time. Only time I stick to one method is when I get a new piece. That usually lasts about a week then it just gets added to the rotation. Yesterday I vaped, smoked a joint, and a blunt. I contemplated eating a firecracker that I have from like last week, but I was already too high :D:D
  3. I just smoke what ever glass piece is close to me. my friends and i all have a good glass selection so theres lots of choices lol.
  4. I often smoke through multiple methods per day. Joints, bowls, and bongs are most common
  5. Bongs all the motherfucking way.
  6. I preffer buckies (gravity bongs) and bongs. yeah.
  7. I usually vape when I'm at home. Anywhere else, blunts.

    My bong and spoon where my daily tools for years though.
  8. You know what they say, variety is the spice of life. It's not like alcohol, where if I mix beer and liquor, I will be praying to the porcelain gods until at least noon next day.

    I prefer hitting from a bowl, but if someone came with a joint prepared or if someone has a bong nearby :D I would gladly hit it.
  9. Steam Roller and Bongs are my daily toking pieces. Mainly do to the fact that my Bong and my Steam roller are epic. Small spoon's or one hitters if I am going to a friends/on the go.

    I LOVE JOINTS. Like I really love joints, (hate tobacco paper blunts, leafs are ok) BUT I can hardly let myself roll them for just myself becouse they waste weed. Me being a budget smoker, I just take huge snaps. I leave joints for special occasion's or when others throw in with me and I'll roll a close to perfect cone every time.
  10. I used to be an avid bong/pipe smoker back in high school (no pun intended). I started rolling and never went back. Joints all the way. I've only smoked one blunt in my life, it wasn't terrible, but I do prefer just a king sized paper. I hot a bong for the first time in like 3 years the other night.. damn did it bring back memories. I think I might pick a decent one up for personal use while at home or bummin around with buddies.

    Joints are king. around 3-4 a day.

  11. Word.

    Roaches are for bongs, weed is for joints. Unless its super bomby, or wax of course.
  12. My fav is packing bowls, if I had a bong, I'd use that :D...joints/blunts only when other roll it. (I can't roll)
  13. I dont often times attempt to use different methods in one sesh/for one high, but sometimes I do, however, I dont really smoke, I vaporize, and different vaporizers and pieces can have an effect on the high such as between smoking bongs and pipes, which are both smoking but in different forms.

    My all time FAVORITE combination has been vape+edibles :love:

  14. When I'm with friends deff blunts, by my self joints (sometimes blunts still). I got a glass pipe but I legit never use it. Lol only for back up if I got nothing to roll with. I just got a new job so may be buying a glass waterbong very soon
  15. I stick to my trusty little pipe, maybe an occasional joint every few months.
  16. Get a bunch of your boyys Find a fresh ass chilll spot. Such as a shed, outside, by a pool or a secret spot around town or if your feeling badass you can sneak out on a hot summer night and smoke on the roof of your local elementary school.

    And as for things to smoke and things to smoke out of we usually roll one fat fuckin Dutch (usually grape) and everyone brings there own bowl or j or whatever and it we felt like carrying it some one will take there bong. Oh how I can't fuckin wait till summer...or this weekend
  17. Spliffs for me...if I run out of papers (which is unlikely) I use my spoon or metal pipe - sometimes I just use them anyway if I can't be arsed rolling or I'm out of baccy...
  18. #18 THCdrizzle, May 13, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 13, 2011
    Honestly my favorite has got to be takin snaps out of my two foot. It gives me the high I enjoy and still conserves well, due to the fact of only being a snap...and the best part about snaps, especially in company...EVERYONE gets greens..... I will admit though my stream roller was my prized possession until she broke.
  19. I have always been a spliff man, but recently i have been smoking bongs as I am low on money and i find you can get your weed to last a lot longer if you smoke with bongs, and I am finding it is a more dazed, happy high than a joint which is a lot more relaxing but can kind of put you to sleep quicker than you would like
  20. packin mokey bowlz all day
    we only really smoke blunts when we go on roadtrips or its a bunch of us heads goin to the city
    j's are a celebratory affair for our crew, when shit goes down or something really good happens we roll up a cone :p

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